Affectionately Known As

So. This is how this will work. You will see a name and this is the person’s “real” name. After that you will see a hyphen and what I call them, if there is more than one nickname this will be separated by a comma. Now, no feelings should be hurt in the event that you don’t have a nickname, it means that you’re name suits you just fine, and I like things how I like them. This also means you will not find your name on this list. Doesn’t mean you’re not my friend, means you’re not on this particular list though…k?… And no feelings should be hurt because yo DO have a nickname this is not because I don’t like your “real” name, it’s because I think calling you something else suits you to my liking. Make sense? allright -here we go.

Angela – Angelalorelolele
Anne – Bad Anne
Ben Mersai – Smurf
Brian Parker – Plantboy
Jeremy – YummyVoice, Jer
Leah – Punzy (sometimes….)
Candy Berryhill – mommie, themadre
Brandon Berryhill – Step-Brandon
Anthony Bersamen – Antoan (An-twon, not french like Antoine), husband
Dennette Blackwell – Dennetters
Samson Blackwell – Sammmmmmmmmmson
Stephanie Bowman – Mrs. Manager
Ian Brannon – Elon
Eric Brem – Charles (sometimes….)
David Brewer – DaveBrewer
Ryan Carr – boyfriend
Heather Champeau – Ferris (once upon a blue moon)
Jennifer Cousins – D
Tahirih – Tah-Ti (sometimes…)
Tristain Nathaniel Feit – SweetPea
Maria Garcia – PG, PrettyGirl, myotherroommate
Shawn Jaques – Jax (my social adviser)
Karen Kahn – Mahroomah, Kaza
Randy Lee Hose – Bear
Cortney Loshbaugh – MaMa!
Victor Lowrie – Sweet V
Scott Lueck – Mentor, Douglas
Robert Macik – Bobby, New Friend (yes he took Emily’s place)
Rik Mersai – Rikster, Rik-a-rama, Rik-a-nater, Rik-a-roo
Summer Mersai – hellomyfavoritesister
Jennifer Ruby – Jenr
Amelia Stephens – BrightEyes
Dana Stern – Daaaaaaaaaaannnna
Joshua Tacy – Roger Rabbit
Adam Theis – AdamfromthebandIbroughthome
Marc Ulrich – Marcster
Ruben Valdez – My Favorite Knight
Jeanene Valentine – Jean Ene Grrrr
Serenity Vance – Princess Junior
Teresa Walker – Walker
Ellen Wilcox – Pretty Ellie

Allright? We good to go now? As updates occur and people enter my life I’ll let you know. Have a good day

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  1. I’m kinda jealous of Ryan Carr, but I’ll live. 🙂 maybe someday I’ll actually have a chance at that one. But until then, Roger Rabbit suits me just fine, Jessica. :p

  2. No sweat
    I never really wondered why I didn’t have a nickname but it never bothered me either.
    Cheer up Princess
    Love and Kisses

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