You think this is about SUSHI!

I’m having a ……what? huh? hmm? kind of day. I went out last night to a bar in West Hollywood (affectionately known as Gaysville). We (YummyVoice and I) were originally going to go to the Faggey….I mean The Abbey =) for a couple calm chocolate banana martini’s and instead stopped at Micky’s. Now I’ve been to these bars and nightclubs before – but not this one. Though there was nothing there I hadn’t seen before the bartenders…all male, served without shirts on, and there were dancers on boxes and drag queens on stage. A couple one-worders could have covered the feelings I felt. Those words are “wow” or “k” or “no” “help.” Though surrounded by males, obviously none of which were attracted to me, I had a great time. Dancin’ and drinkin’ 7&7’s (that would be thanks to the boys at Sunset Dunes for the introduction to such a drink) I sported blue jeans a blue t-shirt and my zories (if you don’t know what those are you can ask me) and my glasses. I felt rather unpretty but some random boy came up to me and said I was a goddess somewhere between Angelina Jolie and Wonderwoman. Well….ok!? I guess I’ll take it for what it’s worth. (and Kaza called me a couple times from a skarie-okie bar in Santa Barbara, apparently they have an AMAZING musical selection – I was jealous) GOING ON!

I saw Freaky Friday yesterday as well with Mentor, um Hysterical! and Mommie, please see it – it’s so worth it. I think I’ll see it one more time then wait for it to come out on video. Speaking of which….Finding Nemo comes out November 4th, 2003. AND speaking of Finding Nemo – little story background……About 2 weeks ago my computer at worked DIED and it lost all this information I needed and all these reports I created and wah wah wah. Well, I come into work today, and the DOS said “turn on your computer.” I was soooo excited thinking everything was fixed and pretty. So I turn it on, and yay everything was coming up correctly, but OH NO! On the desktop was a picture of Finding Nemo SUSHI. As in MY Nemo was cut in little pieces and dispersed over rolls of seaweed and rice ALL for MY comfort and enjoyment. I SCREAMED in horrow and laughed and cried all at the same time. The DOS just laughed. They put it there Friday and had to wait ALL weekend for me to see it. What a cruel thing to do.

I have not yet been paid, therefore my bank account is overdrawn. I hate that, you try to make sure everything equals out correctly, when you’ll be depositing money, when you’ll be paying bills and somehow in the mix I’m overdrawn and stupid Overdraft fees cost more than what was paid. Oh goody.

I bought a dictionary and a thesaurus yesterday, I just wanted to.

My sister will come visit me this coming weekend – to shop…she said. Only…to shop! and she may come to my bar – I’ve warned her though, so she may not!

And of course…..I’ll be in SLOville 10/2/03 for the weekend.
Then again 10/10/03 for the weekend (friends from out of town…will be IN town)
Then again 10/24/03 (smurfs play at school)

Catch you Kats Later

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