My life in Moments:

Slightly Frazzled moment:
Now, I’m not quite sure what to think. I’m not angry, or sad, or excited or frustrated…..well maybe I am. This morning I had the wierdest feeling. I felt excited about something, but I don’t know what – and then at the same time I felt depressed whatever I was excited about wasn’t going to happen. Does that make sense? Anyways. It bothered me and bothered me ALL day. I would go in and out of moods and in and out of paying attention to what I’m doing. Sometimes I just went on autopilot – guess that’s ok sometimes. I think – that I analyze things too much sometimes. But if I don’t overanalyze I won’t pinpoint what bothered me or kept my attention to begin with. It’s like when you stay awake in bed with nothing on your mind but you know your laying there awake – and wishing you were asleep.

Communicating Moment:
Roger Rabbit and I had an interesting conversation last night about gentlemen, size of vocabulary, jealousy, and using the word “sex” in a normal conversation. This only drove me to eating ice cream as food therapy. If you see something one way it’s hard to see it through anothers eyes, but the explaining of ones thought process or ideas can be really funny if you twist ’em around a bit. So that was fun. Um……

Fat Moment:
I really really really want to lose some weight. I can eat right until, well – until the food is gone, then the moment is “when will we have food again?” And I haven’t joined a gym yet. I checked out 24 hour fitness but the Sport one is WAY too expensive so I’ll check out the regular one soon, or the YMCA around the corner.

John Moment:
So I believe “Home Life” on John’s new CD is the favorite and a close second is “Wheel.” However the lyrics to “New Deep” and “Something’s Missing” relate to me right now, and if I feel like sulking I’ll hear “Split Screen Sadness” over and over and over. The thing is, with John’s song’s one will fit what I’m feeling one day – and another another day. Then some will remind me of a moment back then, or a moment I’m hoping for or looking forward to in the future. I think one of these days I’ll write what I think of each song and how it makes me feel – wouldn’t you ALL love that! Hahahahaha. I swear one day I’ll be interviewed and all it will be about is me talking about John’s songs. (You’d all tape it to and you KNOW IT!)

Quoting Moment:
From the Wise Mentor himself, “I feel…..magenta” Not blue (sad), green (sick), red (angry) or yellow (bla) I feel all the colors bleeding together and making me who I am.

Catch you Kats later

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  1. Thursday night
    Karaoke in Cambria next week? Its more fun then MerryMaker, MerryMaker is more a because there is nothing else to do on Friday kind of thing, and I’m usually lucky to get 2 songs. blah!
    Cambria is sing all night with really cute boys… and comfy places to sit near the fireplace.
    Call my cell phone…. let me know. Good Luck this weekend! If I had a car that would make it to LA, I would be there… But I will just have to imagine myself there instead.
    See you next week. It will be playtime all weekend!! Yeah!

  2. music?
    Risk my soul, taste my life, for my prayer , spend my time lost in space, am I dead? OHHHH let the river flow through my caloused hands, and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake me form my home, the eyes of the damned……
    I think thats my favorite SD tune…..they need to make it into karaoke….

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