Apparently yours truly made it in the New Times of SLOville. I think last week….or the week before there was a review about Kaza’s show Funny Girl. So I responded to the editor via email and they printed it. Kaza called me today. Classic. SO! If you’re in or around SLOville have a looksy, if you don’t care – it doesn’ hurt my feelings.

Today was the last day with the DOS at the hotel. I don’t work Friday’s at the Hotel, and her last day is tomorrow. LOT’S OF WORK TODAY. But, everything should be easy for whomever comes along – no, they don’t have a new one and guess who’s taking over all the big groups that come in!! That’s right!!!!! A girl in sales will do the banquest and catering, and YOU KNOW WHO will be the contact for reservations among other small tasks. It’s ok – I will get through it. I will remember to breathe and remember that it won’t last forever.

Kaza leaves for New York 2 weeks from yesterday. Crazy Cool – I still don’t think it’s become a reality to me yet. A part of me thinks she’s just going on vacation and I’ll see her soon. But, you know – that’s just not the case.

You know, that about covers it for now. I’ll guess I’ll…..”Catch you Kats later.”

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