Buzzin’ but not drinkin’

“When sky blue gets dark enough. To see the colors of the city lights. A trail of ruby red an diamond white – handsome like a sunrise. She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can.”

EVERYTHING today is funny somehow. I woke up laughing, I got to work and one thing reminded me of something else, which reminded me of something else that inevitably made me laugh. Feeling Good. I finally figured out Seanah want’s to kidnap Jason SUMABAT for SkarieOkie next saturday. PS. Rumor has is that is a Rocky Weekend next weekend, you are SORELY missing out if you chose to go that instead of playing at Sunset Dunes.

“Tonight she’s out to lose herself. And find a high on peach tree street. From mixed drinks to techno beats it’s always heavy in to everything. She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can. She comes and goes and no one knows she’s slippin’ thru my hands – she’s always buzzin’ just like Neon Neon. Neon Neon. Who knows how long, how long, how long – she can go before she burns away.

Tomorrow is John Mayer’s Birthday he will be 26. I believe he’ll be on a plane going to far-away lands to tour and be back sometime in November, Yes – I will miss him. Thank you.

I’ve been emailing a new friend named Mark lately, no not “Mark Lately” just Mark…lately. I met him at SkarieOkie at Mothers Tavern a couple weeks ago. He has a band called VERDITIOUS. You can have a looksy by going here: he’s very cool and from the sound of it I would LOVE his music. They are playing tomorrow (thursday, John’s Birthday) @ Milagro’s 698 Higuera at 10pm. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

“I can be her angel now. You know it’s not my place to hold her down. And it’s hard for me to take a stand, when I would take her anyway I can. She comes and she goes like no one can. She comes and she goes she’s slippin thru my hand she’s always buzzin just like Neon Neon. Neon Neon. Who knows how long, how long, how long she can go before she burns away, away.”

I working very hard at LAXHD today. That is the “code” for Embassy Su-ites Arcadia. I’m focused and not doing personal things like writing in my live journal. I also told bossman at Mixed Nuts that this weekend would be my last weekend working there. That I had to be gone to much and I wasn’t making enough money anways. I did offer to write down the ingredients though to new drinks and old drinks that he just didn’t know how to make, so it would be easier for him and his new bartender.

And then, there was Kaza. She is loving New York with a little homesickness of course. Apparently she lives in a shoebox with no closet – and if you know her at ALL you knwShe’ll get on here as soon as she gets a “code,” now I don’t know how to do that – but if YOU do tell me or send her one. AND she cannot access friendster if you’re on there so email her at cool? cool.

My Interpretation:
Neon; John Mayer – Room for Squares:
Well it’s not a song about John is it. Afterall he says “she” and awful lot. It’s this place of no commitment. A sort of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of thing. And he may want to be apart of it, but he’s not sure how. But he’ll be apart of it any way he can. It’s like with life, you learn to color with crayons and one day someone says here use this now – and they hand you water colors. Well – you’re gonna have to learn how to blend and stay in the lines again; that is if you WANT to stay in the lines and even after the fact you’re still the artist right? So just go about things, buzzin like Neon or chase after those that glow with that Neon light and try to be a part of it. It’s really quite fun and addictive. What tools are you coloring with?

Catch you Kats later!

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  1. If you mean this coming Saturday, the 18th, I think Jason already has plans. Just thought I’d give you a heads up…

  2. Invite the Kaza!
    All you have to do it go to the openning page of live journal and there will be a highlighted line that says invited or something like that and you go there and it tells you how to generate a code and how to invite her…but you can only invite one person…so if you’ve invited anyone, get someone else to. I’ve already invited my one person…
    And just to let you know..NO WHERE in NYC has a closet! I’m serious, no where…not even in Brooklyn!

  3. i have extra invite codes if ya need one… so if you already used yours aiyani, lemme know

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