“I’m writing you to catch you up on places I’ve been. And you have this letter probably got excited but there’s nothing else inside it didn’t have a camera by my side this time. Hoping I would see the world thru both my eyes. Maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m in the mood to lose my way with words.”

The above, is a song by You know who……….John. It will continue throughout body of this entry, go with it – because it’s “so me.” It’s 11:29pm Sunday evening, I’ve been home for about an hour. Let us rewind to go over the weekend shall we?

It took me WAY too long to get to SLO this last friday. I arrived at my Dadda’s house in AG at about 8:30pm. Called Seanah and BrightEyes cause we were going to MerriMaker for SkarieOkie. So I change my clothings….and get the address to Seanah’s house. Umm……I grew up around here and still got lost in Shell Beach – Damn I was tired. She fed me veggies and tofu and some spicy non-mean patty thing……Good stuff. My mommie always made that stuff. So we’re off to Los Grosos. We arrive at MerriMaker and put in a couple songs, we were supposed to go and “bother” the “good group,” but none of them were there. It was like a highschool moment. Like these kids were always “better” than “us” in highschool and now that we could do something better it was time to give a little payback. BUT THEY WERE’NT THERE. So we sang for eachother and everyone else. There was a funny moment there when someone sang “How Do I Live” and I looked at the girls and interrupted their conversation by saying “Hey who sang this before what’s her name.” And without missing a beat BrightEyes said Trisha Yearwood sang this then Leanne Rimes redid it. I died of laughter, so few people actually UNDERSTAND my random questions and the randomness in which they were asked, but she did and it was AWESOME. By midnight we were over it and headed home. …………..I would like to take this time to say in an earlier entry I failed to mention Seanah in the Cambria Pines Lodge thing, hi, she TOTALLY drove my drunk ass back to BrightEyes’ car in Morro Bay and THEN BrightEyes drove me to Shell where Kaza was. Classic Drunk Aiyani moment, forget my designated driver thank you’s. Yeah, No deals – I know.

“Today skies are painted colors of a cowboy cliche. And strange how clouds that look like mountains in the sky are next to mountains anway, didn’t have a camera by my side this time. Hoping I would see the world thru both my eyes. Maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m in the mood to lose my way but let me say – You should have seen that Sunrise. With your own eye, it brought me back to life. You’ll be with me next time I go outside, no more 3×5’s”

Welcome to Saturday. I woke up and had lunch with PrettyGirl at Pepe’s we were both craving Mexican food and we had Margarita’s to go with it. It was only 11:30 or 12 or so, so why not start right? It’s after double digits!! Then we tootled around in downtown SLO for a bit, something I haven’t done in an EXTREMELY long time and enjoyed it all the same. By 2pmish I was at Bliss Day Spa for a 1 Hour massage. It of course rocked and was very relaxing. Then I was off to have dinner with Dadda his wife Terri and my brothers. We went to Buffet City in Santa Maria – um………REALLY GOOD CHINESE BUFFET and again, for someone who is a slave to her tastebuds you can imagine the sadness when my stomach was telling me “no more room!!!!” and my mouth was saying “oooooo more sweet & sour chicken please, eggroll anyone?” It was great. After the feast Smurf had a show (Ben, one of my brothers) at the Clark Center with Jason Sumabat of all people. (Side note: apparently Jason and David Running have adopted the Smurf and will be teaching him all those crazy things they do like with the throwing of sharp objects and playing with firesticks etc….of geez!) So he went there and I went to my dadda’s house showered and relaxed for a bit before SkarieOkie.

Randy & Cortney were there, of course Seanah, BrightEyes and myself were there and Even Ro made an appearance (Ro=Robin Wolf) Just like old times, minus mahroomah…..let’s not go there right now. It was a blast BrightEyes sang Total Eclipse complete with her audience and the lightening and thunder, Seanah did a KILLER rendition of Bring me to Life by Evanesence featuring our Top Notch SkarieOkie DJ himself – Kevin Novoa. I got on my knees and bowed to her. Then asked her to autograph my breasts – she kissed me smack dab in the middle of my chest leaving perfect lipstick lips on me for all to see and enjoy. Speaking of enjoy…..met a rather yummy looking boy. If you were there you know, if you weren’t I’m not telling you. All you get to know is I think he’s gonna call me Yoda from now on. (And that’s a silly story all to itself). The evening began to close with a new song by yours truly “All that Jazz” made it’s debut at Sunset Dunes. Dancers were abounding and Seanah and Ro played the roles famously. And if I do say so myself – Damn it was good Then Ro sang Cabaret and pulled off some chair moves as always. It’s like a free show you know? There should be a cover charge when the lot of us are there, we put on a GREAT show. And to end the evening perfectly we (the audience) got some sugar. As in Pour some sugar on me sung by our beloved and terribly missed Randy (as in Randy-I-am-your-biggest-fan) and again our wonderful Kevin Novoa. The evening came to an end and we all went home. Well, you know – we all left the bar.

“I guess you had to be there. I guess you had to be with me. Oh, today I finally overcame, trying to fit the world inside a picture frame. Maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m in the mood to lose my way but let me say….”

Sunday was here. A BBQ was planned/volunteered at Rich, Vickie and Kevin’s pad. It started on time,…3 hours late. Oh well, I was going to leave by 5pm BUT I needed to wait for food and spend much needed time with my little Caleb. By 7pm I peeled myself away and bid my goodbyes to get on the road to come here. I got Carpenteria by 9:09 and knew there was a Starbucks there but they were closed……supposed to close at 9:30 – but whatever. So I suffered the rest of the way home blairing John and cold air to stay awake and once I got here I got a second wind. So I cleaned my room, put clean clothings’ away and hopped online to write this bad boy. And I hope you enjoyed it.

3×5; John Mayer – Room for Squares
It’s just about enjoying where you are and what you’re doing. Yeah I always have my camera and extra film but the moments I want to be a part of may not always get on film and it’s something I simply have to come to terms with and deal with and remember in the event I so desire. For example, Caleb laughed soooooo much today and made some of the greatest babester facial expressions but I couldn’t POSSIBLY get ALL of them on film, so I played with him and just stayed in the moment that was presented to me. I will always take as many candid pics, important pics, and moment pics as I can but if I’m always behind the camera I can’t be apart of it. It’s saying don’t separate yourself to appease someone or something else, get in there with your bare hands and enjoy good times, sad times, bad times, and most of all time with those you love regardless of the emotional attachments. Make every moment count, because time is all we have and there’s no substitute for it.

Catch you Kats Later

I’ll be in town 10/24, 10/25 and outty on 10/26….this means there will be another “show” at your local Sunset Dunes on Saturday 10/25/03………..Be there or……well you’ll miss out.

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  1. Blast!
    Damn, I’m going to have to miss the 25th. I have to be at Rocky that night pulling TD duty.

  2. The fun times!
    Yeah, let’s charge like $3 a head and then we can give some of the money to Kev and then, we can use the rest to pay for our drunkeness! WOOHOO!
    Love ya!

  3. Straight Off Broadway…
    Yep, thats what Saturday night was…
    On a side note.. Did you look in your luggage yet… I can’t keep surprises very well, and waiting for them to be discovered is even worse…. Hurry Up, look in your DateBook!!! AAAhhhhgh!
    So, Yoda Story? e-mail me….. I still have his card with his number on it, even if he never answered his phone that night…. Silly Cute Boy. How Lucky is he.

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