Yaaaahhhhh….No – Not so much

I’m working VERY HARD at work right now……Yesteday? A bit on the frustrated side at LAXHD (Embassy Su-ites Arcadia). RFP’s up the Yin Yang, Rate structures incorrectly built for November and December, Value Levels incorrectly restricted for Rose Bowl, and Breeders Cup (Some horse thing, I don’t know) is taking OVER the hotel. Can’t say that they’re very appreciative. We are almost done with the renovation so I shouldn’t sell a room I really don’t have yet, but they want me to because they are REALLY important. Sorry your business is not repeat business, it is not that great of a rate, You are not that nice, and quite frankly I give you one thing (after working my a** off to get it for you) and it’s not good enough because you want 5 not 2. Whatever. (BrightEyes you know what this is like) Then it’s like I can put you in one room one night, but you’ll have to move – and they know this when they make the reservation – but when they come to check in it’s ” I wasn’t told I’d have to move” wah wah wah. And I have to get the VDR Preview for 2004 prepared before we can successfully move from 6 bar to 9 bar……it’s a language. I speak hotelian.

The word I’m looking for is….anyways..

The audition on Friday was fine, short, fun – and yah. It was for a national commercial for Chevy Automobiles. They took 4 of us in at a time, we stated our names how tall we were then had to turn to both sides so they could get profiles. Then we pretended to get in a car (4 chairs were set up) and pretended it was “girls night out” and when she said you’re there, we got out of the said car. It was fun, have to say – I got into a bit more and the girls caught up after I started playing around, but what are you gonna do right? It was fun, call backs are tomorrow – which means if they like me they’ll call Cynthia (agent) and if not, they won’t and it will be on to the next thing. I was very tired though. Infact I’m having a moment of didn’t I already write this? sorry if I did.

Had an interesting conversation with Roger Rabbit (gwydion82) Subjects such as using the word “lubricant” in an everyday conversation, in order to avoid peeing in your pants one should remove pants, friends=the ones that stay the same the ones that change with you, good and bad, Purging – why *I* am the last one he wants to bring issues too. And my favorite…Power and how he believes if you take it away you disable one from having control. That was all very interesting. I have to admit I got a little steamed for a second and I asked him if we were having our first fight. He said no, so I guess we didn’t. hahaha. He says he over analyzes things – meh….don’t we all to a degree especially when we care right? And I know, it’s because he cares.

I had a dream about John Mayer the other day. And you know how sometimes you are yourself and sometimes you are the camera and can see yourself….this time I was the camera. I was in the hospital (no I don’t know why) and had bandages on my legs and arms and EVERYONE I’d ever met came to see me. I never woke up for anyone though, I was fine – everyone knew I’d wake up but I just hadn’t yet. So in walks in John Mayer with a plastic bag and his guitar. Sits next to me and starts playing. OF COURSE I WOKE UP. And I looked at him and said “oh no” and he said what? I told him “this means I’m dead” he said no you’re not, you’re right here and you’re going to be just fine. I started to cry and said “no, no way, if YOU’RE here I’m dead.” He laughed at me and grabbed the plastic bag and said ‘wanna spoon?’ and I looked at him and asked “are you gonna crawl up here with me?” he smiled and said…maybe later, but do you want a spoon for this?” and he took mint n chip ice cream out of the bag. I smiled and nodded my head and started eating right out of the carton and he started to play again. Then…as the camera I panned away from the scene. Loved it, Hated it – when he’s in my dreams like that, I wouldn’t mind staying there you know?

I shall be in town this thursday evening. Coming up after work and staying til sunday early evening. Gonna probably hang with Dana Friday day, Going to see Smurf’s play Peter Pan at the Clark Center friday night, then to see Kevin …karaoke_star33… in old arroyo sing. Saturday I may see Roger Rabbit, I may not. I may hang out with mommie but definately SkarieOkie at the Dunes saturday night. I belive lunch/brunch with Jax Sunday – not sure….need to call him…and to see Step-Brandon’s play sunday afternoon at 2pm in Nipomo before heading out. So, that’s that and wonderful wonderful.

Kaza has successfully created her first live journal entry.
kazakahn if you didn’t catch it the other night. Her adventures are beginning and I can’t wait to see how they unfold.

I’m still poor but successfully purchased toilet paper, milk, eggs and some ramen the other day. I miss food – you know GOOD tasting food. Guess it’s what I asked for though huh?

I’m wearing a skirt today at work, and my shoes are killing me. These shoes, the strap used to slide off my heal and now they cut circulation off…guess my feet need to lose weight – never thought of that one.

Catch you Kats Later

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  1. Absolutely….
    ….brunch on Sunday….11am, or do you think you’ll still be tooooo hungover after a night at the Dunes to get up that early? 🙂

  2. HELP!!
    I need some happy friend time…I need the laughing, it’s been a hard day, and I misses you much! I can’t wait to see you though…2 days! Yay! That makes me a little happier!

  3. From One Hotelian to Another….
    AMEN! well said…. we really should be allowed to sacrafice one, JUST one hotel guest each month to set an example for all the rest.
    On a happy note, we should all go play on Thursday again, that was fun. Dana too?
    I have to agree with Seanah, the last 3 days sucked… I need happy girl time!!!!

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