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For Your Comfort & Enjoyment:
AOL IM: aiyginalydia
YAHOO IM: princessaiy

are we following the pattern? Anywhere else I should be on folks? You let me know, and I’ll see about making it happen.

For Informational Purposes:
Praise God!!! It rained. I haven’t looked online at all to see how the rain affected the fires, but I know it had to have helped because it rained ALL day yesterday. Happy Halloween. I sporteda Floor Length Red Vinyl Dress and a Dark Cloak and carried a candlestick. As in….It was Miss Scarlet With the Candlestick. Elizabeth in Sales was Miss Peacock with Wrench, and Mike in Sales was Mr. Green with the Rope. It was SUPER fun. My costume received a gigillion compliments and have to say it is all because of Shawn Jaques who gave both the dress and the cloak to me. Thanks Jax, I rocked because YOU rock! =D Then I went to a party with my friend Dan Cutter and that was pretty cool too. There was a guy there that looked like maybe a Tom Cruise Cousin or something at the end of the evening I went up to him and said “Hi, what’s your name?” he said Brandon. (Why are there so many of them????) and without telling him my name I said “Well Brandon, it was lovely looking at you tonight, thank you.” He laughed a little and said “no thank you!” Then I grabbed the 2 boys in their fireman outfits and said “Gentleman, I must have a picture with you” They both wrapped their arms around me and and took a quick pic. When Dan and I were leaving I said to one of the fireman who were outside “Goodnight, it was wonderful staring at you this evening.” And he laughed (too, is that a funny thing to say???) and yelled out as we were leaving “why are you leaving.” I responded with it was late….it was midnight, but we were both tired you know, long day; long week. But yah, so I said “it’s late, do you have a name?” He said Nick. And I said Nick, it’s been a pleasure. Then I turned and started to walk again and said I’ll never see you again. And that’s the way of it right folks? No one needs my name, sometimes it’s good to be a mystery (mystery Roger Rabbit, member that conversation? hahah) Sometimes it’s best not to tie yourself up into anything, or make yourself known. Sometimes you just have to let things go; and that’s the way this wheel keeps workin’ now.

For No Good Reason:
Then I woke up at 8:48. WHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!??????????? It’s SATURDAY, a day to SLEEP IN, and I didn’t. So I’m sure I’ll take a nap here sometime today. BUT today is a cleaning day. I must attack my bathroom and my room and the living room. Husband has been doing a great job keeping the house up it is those things that a boy doesn’t think of though, like the pictures on the walls need to be dusted etc. And shelves need to be dusted. You know; stuff stuff. This is the kind of stuff that bores people……….I apologize.

For a Person who’s never read this or knows it exists:
You ever have a feeling where you are in a place where you’re sure you have all your friends that you will ever have….and that’s ok? I’ve been feeling that way lately. Like I’ll meet people, and if you know me at all I get attached easily to fun people and the like, but lately – I’m content with the friends I have. I feel safe and secure that they will always be here for me, and no part of me feels a friendship void, if you will. And then someone comes in your life, and you just have to wonder if they’re there for you or your there for them. And you’re comfortable either way but only after you’ve voiced it. Only a couple of you will actually guess or care about who I might be talking about. But something pulls me to an individual lately and not for a particular reason, just so I’m “here” for them. You know? And as long as they know it, I’m ok. Follow?? I don’t know, a wierd tangent I suppose but do you really expect any less from me?

For laughs, and if you’re poor – you’ll follow:
I went grocery shopping a couple days ago. Overdrew my account to buy food and toilet paper. Seahnah!!! FOOD!!! I HAVE SOME NOW!!!! ahhahaaahahah. Don’t know how long it will last, but I won’t starve over the weekend.

For You to Know, Learn, and Love:
Finding Nemo comes out on the 4th, NEED IT, WANT IT, BUY IT, OWN IT, RENT IT, GET IT NOW!!!!! So excited. And…..Matrix Revolution will be out this month too at the theatre’s and next month will be the Last Lord of the Rings. I would like to own Sweet November, So I Married an Axe Murderer, and The Jerk on DVD soon. I watch Absolutely Fabulous like EVERYDAY because Husband has them on DVD, and I have a sudden urge to read a book……suggestions on this book are invited. Please comment below or send me an email.

For no apparent reason, but apparently reasonable to mention because it involves you:
If you were in SLOville for halloween I hope you were at Sunset Dunes and I hope everyone was safe.

For Closing Purposes:
Catch you Kats Later.

ps. I miss Samson & Dennette, and how big is Logan Patrick-Murdock now you think?

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  1. No….

    You Rock!
    . 🙂

  2. Just so you know…we miss you and Kaza in SLO. Julie ( Kaza knows her ) and I went to the Merrimaker last night and were talking about how you were such a great cheering section. Of course at Bill’s we love your Dad.

  3. WooHoo!
    Yay for the food…did you label it yet? We were talking about this on the phone yesterday, but the hubby was there and you couldn’t talk!
    I can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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