Holy Getting Close Batman!!!!!!!!!!!

At 1:42am this morning my cellular telephone rang. It said “Adam calling” I answered our conversation follows:

A: Are you asleep
me: No
A: are you lying
me: Yes
A: (laughs) Sit up
me: (i do)
A: Who are you, who you talkin to
me: this is Aiyani, i’m speaking with adam from the band I brought home.
A: Good, how are you
me: fine, half asleep
A: You still gonna come and visit in few weeks?
(then we discussed on changing the dates in which I’d be visiting and came to a conclusion of 11/14 – 11/16)
A: So, anyways I called because I was talking to this really good friend of mine who plays the trumpet. He’s AMAZING and he told me today he was in Pennsylvania because he was invited to go on tour with John Mayer…
A: (laughs) Yes, and uh…he said they don’t have any tours coming to the west coast as of yet but if and when they do we’ll try to get you backstage to meet John.
me: ADAM I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!
A: Well breathe!!, I thought it was cool but I knew you’d be freakin’ out.
(we spoke a little bit more….but…HELLO??????? As mahroomah and I would say “it’s a sign!”)

I got out of bed told the husband, told PG this morning, called and told Kaza, called my mommie, called Daaaaaannna, when I got to work I told the sales kids and Mentor and then hopped online to write this. Didn’t sleep much last night, kept waking up and repeating the conversation to myself….HELLO??????!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t really know how I’m going to get thru this today or anyother day. It’s been suggested NUMEROUS times that I should get my ass on a plane with Adam and fly to wherever they are playing…..can’t say I wouldn’t but I can say my bank account wouldn’t. You know since as of today I have $4.75 in it. PG brought me groceries last night, water; OJ; yogurt; pasta; pasta sauce; and cup o’ noonles…she’s silly but I was very thankful. I live in this semi-hell hole but today I don’t seem to care. I had a fabulous conversation with Mr. Cunningham yesterday, a fun conversation with Plantboy via the internet last night, didn’t speak to Neil, and received a WONDERFUL call from Adam. All is well I suppose. Friends are supportive of the John Movement, if you will, and today I have a granola bar and yogurt for lunch. I’m wearing a black skirt that goes to my knees and black and silver sparkly tanktop and silver shoes. Put my hair up all pretty and am wearing some makeup. Today, I feel pretty, and witty and bright.

On an entirely different and serious note. Fires are reaching 200 and 300 feet high and are surrounding the outskirst of where I live. The closest is 30 miles away. Some may say that’s far and I’m lucky (this I know) and some may say it’s too close come home. At any rate I promised my mom I’d pack a bag and if she called and said come home I would. If they start to close any more freeways I’ll be trapped in a little box surrounded by fire. That would be wierd. But as of now, I’m safe and lucky and there’s never been a fire scare like this in the History of California, so I’m also cautious.

Seanah sang “Funny Honey” for me last night at The Dunes and Kevin called so I could hear it. Can I say SHE ROCKS!!!! This girl is amazing, and funny, and beautiful and I don’t want her to go to New York. But it will make her happy so I say…ok…and I’ll visit (and probably eventually move my ass out there to be with all 3 of them )

Allright I believe that’s it or now. I’ll catch you Kats later

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  1. YAY!
    Hooray for this newest development in the John Movement! I’m so glad you are happy, and that you have healthy food!
    I was happy to sing the song and even happier that you got to hear it! AND!!! If you’re up here on the 15th…the you can come cheer me on at the karaoke contest…for which I only need to raise another $25!
    It’s gloomy and the smoke has reached all the way up here, my mother’s drivingme crazy already, and as I have it planned, I may get to sleep 2 or so hours a night until Sunday…
    But all is well, I’m going to have Chinese Chicken Salad for lunch…YUMMY!

  2. Get ouT!
    leave split adios vamoose scat haul ass get the fu*k out of there before all of LA LA Land burns to the ground!

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