A lil Suh’m Suh’m

Someone remind me for the 112th time not to have coffee at night, or invest in DECAF!!!!!! I purchased Finding Nemo today….duh…..with money I should’ve bought groceries with or put gas in my car with, but this is a priority you know???!!!!

I have an audition tomorrow for a film called States of Grace, we’ll see how that goes.

My last day at LAXHD (Embassy Su-ites) is supposed to be Thursday 11/13/03…..but…..rumor has it Embassy Su-ites Arcadia may ask me to stay on as their new Sales Administrator……TOTALLY different then what I’m used to or good at for that matter. But a job is a job right now, and money is also a priority. Bills consist of Rent, Car Payment, Car insurance, Phone, electricity, and Piano. Doesn’t seem more than a handful when I write it out, but it seems to always take over my wallet and my bank goes in and out of liking me for it. Hopefully in the next couple months we’ll get cable and DSL, yes I’m one of the few people left on Dial-Up, it’s a work in progress…….groceries before DSL groceries before TV. At least that’s what I try to keep telling myself.

Today Mr. Cunningham played a little “Neon” by John for me over the phone, he’s learning how to play John…..umm….score major double-digit points right there. I told him I was going to make him a CD of alot of Acoustic John so he could learn to play it then give me a concert. He said ok, so we’ll see.

It’s 12:45, officially Kevin’s Birthday. I don’t get to be there but hopefully he knows I’m with him in spirit. I LOVE YOU KEVIN!!!!!! =D To provide a list:

Kevin 11/5
Daaaannna 11/8
Randy Bear 11/12
Ruben (knight from medieval times) 11/25
Cortney 11/28

50 Shopping days til Christmas and a countdown is yet to be announced for Kaza’s return to CA for Christmas.

And I believe that’s it for now, nothing too exciting or overwhelming, I’m coming off the high when Adam (from the band I brought home) called me and said one of his friends was going on tour with John, I still get excited but am able to control my breathing and screaming now…hahaha

Husband and I are already listening to Christmas music…..and I may be in SLOville the weekend of 11/21 – 11/23………maybe.

Catch you Kats Later (I think I’m almost done with this one by the way)

PS. Brighteyes and Seanah are going to be in LA LA land this weekend, am extatic to see them and play – yay for friends.

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  1. WOOHOOO!!!
    La-la-la-laa-laaaa-la!!! Going to see the Yani! Oh my Kevin’s b-day…oops, and it really was all my fault…read the journal for more!

  2. Note to self…
    Don’t leave cell phone at home all day!
    I reached in my purse at midnight to call you so we could hold the phone up and you could join in the happy birthday song… but no phone! sorry, I know, no deals…. I’m lame… it was an almost… now for a gonna happen for sure, -5 hours to LALA land!!!!!

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