Um…what do I want to start with? What do YOU as the readers / audience want to know about first in the life of aiyani, the if you will? Relationship status? Work Status? Audition status? It’s like to trying to get inside your brains, which I’m more than willing to do, but it can be difficult if we don’t hang out as much as we used to, the connection depletes you know? So I shall answer as things come to my own brain.

Work Status:
Embassy Su-ites Arcadia will keep me on as a Contracted Revenue Manager through this coming week and starting next week I will train as their Sales Administrator. Yay. I will have a job-job. It is very close to home – 17miles. No traffic, I love the people, it was recently renovated so it’s clean it’s safe it’s pretty, and the selfish part of me says “and the really good part” is they will let me leave for audtions. I have to take a paycut because it’s not a management position, it’s like the reception for the sales and the assisstant to the DOS and Sales Manager. BUT I don’t know anything about Sales anyways so it will be a good place to start. This will also eventually make me more valuable to any hotel because I will no pretty much how it ALL works. But it is full-time, Mon-Fri, and I can go to SLO when I want for Skarie-Okie!!!!! However, I think I will also look for another bartending job, except though I wanted a Club position or similar I think if I’m going to use my brain during the day aswell…..I’ll need sleep…so maybe bartending at a restaurant that closes by 11 or midnight would be the smart thing to do. We shall see how it all unfolds, and of course – I will keep you update.

Audition Status:
I auditioned last wednesday (Kevin’s Birthday!) for a film called “States of Grace” and the gave me an immediate call back for this tuesday. She said she hadn’t seen anyone come in that even looks like one of the parts and thought I did great. Then she asked me if I could play basketball….my response “um, I did in P.E in High School” and she laughed and said great. We’ll see you next week. So I’ll let everyone know how THAT goes.

Money Status:
Allthough I’m used to being poor, not having money living from pay check to paycheck and wondering if tomorrow I’ll beable to put gas in my car or eat for that matter, I am happy I will have a paycheck every 2 weeks. I don’t have a great deal of bills: Rent, Car payment, Car insurance, House Phone, Electricity, & Gas. (mommie I’ll beable to send you money for celphone stuff yay!!!!, thank you for your patience and help)BUT even though they are not alot, when you have them and no money it’s overwhelming….95% of you will understand this. Though money will be coming in steadily it won’t be alot so the second job is still something I feel I will have to do. But we’ll see. And Husband got a job too, so we will be ok soon here.

Weight Status:
I joined Miami Fitness, $25 a month. It’s perfect and like 1/2 mile from home. Has the weights I want and Cardio machines. I don’t swim laps, or play racketball, or stuff like that. No classes though, those will be missed but it’s ok. It is close, it is not expensive and I am motivated to get there and make it happen. The goal? lose 40 pounds of chunk, but adding pounds of muscle is good. Don’t really have a “weight” goal I should say but inches and the way I actually LOOK will change. If I weigh as much as I do now but it’s distributed differently, and I don’t look 6 months pregnant ALL the time – I’ll be a happy camper. Hahahaha.

Music Status:
I keep writing songs and am able to hear them in my head but getting the music out onto the piano or guitar is a whole different situation. I can play like 8 of my songs on the piano and 3 on my guitar. There’s still like 5 or 6 that have yet to be attacked. I need someone who can just play what hum or something so I can get it out of my head. But, eventually I suppose. I’ve been thinking of taking guitar lessons again. Took them for 2 months right before I moved, but I’d like to continue that. But no lessons on the piano, I just understand it in my own way and lessons would screw me up, I’ve been hitting those keys for 10 years now, and just would rather go with how I know it. You know?

What I’m into Status:
*Favorite Colors: (still) Silah and Lavendah, and Leopard Print
*Princess Stuff (still) Hi, thanks to Seanah and BrightEyes for my new Disneland hat that says “princess” on the back, my 3 prong princess sign on the front and the best part. MY NAME EMBROIDERED ON THE BACK!!!!! You know it’s special and important because you have to have stuff MADE with my name on it, “Aiyani” is not found on any keychain. you know?
*Wonderwoman, Lordy I want to be her.
*Doritos, Nacho Chez
*1% milk
*Dark Chocolate
~~That’s enough of that…hahaha

Friend Status:
Um, are you still my friend? Do we talk? Do you miss me? Wanna hang out? If no, then no deals – you’re not my friend anymore. If yes, then we’re still cool. We’re still friends.

(The awaited) Relationship Status:
Well, I’m not married, I think I’m single. I have my crushes, they have theirs. I’m in a place where flirting is permitted, because I’m not “serious” with anyone. I don’t kiss and tell, but kissing is nice and good. Names I have, but you won’t unless you ask – and even then; I might not share it with you. Well…..Husband,PG, Kaza, BrightEyes, and Seanah know – but don’t ask them, it’s not their business to tell you mine. hahahahah. Juggling is not something I like to practice, however again….no commitments exist, so as long as I’m not juggling anything heavy I don’ tsee the problem. Do you? I’m having fun. And that’s what counts. I don’t have time for a boyfriend right now, but if a particular boy asked me to be more serious with him I would. He doesn’t read this, I don’t think, and he lives close to me. I can’t do the long distant thing, I just can’t. (this is why John and I can’t be together right now….hahaha) That’s all you get. …….Yes I’m still in Love with John and WILL marry him and you are invited to the wedding. This means I’ll live in New York by the way, this is bad news for mommie and family, but good news for Kaza, Seanah, and of COURSE John. hhhahahaahaah

Other Things:
I miss buying shoes (especially with mahroomah). I like Apple juice in the morning as apose to OJ. I don’t like scrambled eggs anymore. It’s FINALLY starting to cool down here, so the A/C is used less (good for elec. bill!) I have yet to take my free commercial and comedy classes – didn’t have time before, now I will. It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas – I LOVE SNOWFLAKES and they are EVERYWHERE!!!!! I will not be in town until Thanksgiving weekend, was gonna be there 11/21 – 11/23, but change of plans (wink wink BrightEyes and Seanah).

See Ya’s:
for mahroomah – Macaroni out
for BrightEyes and Seanah – yyyaaaaahhh, no; ok bye
Sunset Dunes – Goodnight Neverland
Jax – who loves you?
PG – ookkkkkkaaaayyyyy bye (and you call me second or third in 1 1/2 weeks!)

Catch you Kats Later……(yah, almost done with that one…almost)

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  1. Shhh!
    You’re secrets are safe with me…I’m arguing with my mother already

  2. me too me too
    I got a cool hat from seanah and ameila it says “the karaoke god” on the back and has a cool dragon mickey mouse thing on the front yeaaaahhhhh
    are you still my friend? yes. Do we talk? yes, well kinda indirectly. Do you miss me? if you only knew! Wanna hang out? all the time!

  3. You do!
    Who loves You? 🙂

  4. haaaaaaalloooooo
    thank you, catch up!
    i haven’t read any of your entries for awhile so it was nice to read mahroomah’s ramblin’s . i miss you so much. i miss the up close and personal ramblin’s that involve ben&jerry’s coffee heath bar crunch, 2 spoons and a barn.
    the countdown as of tuesday november 11, m’dear is this… 38 days!
    i love you, mahroommah.

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