Uuhhhhhhhmmmmm……..Yah. That’s all.

I don’t think I can even type much I’m so sore. Yay for me I went to the gym though. Today was Chest and Triceps. It was difficult to wash my hair tonight so you KNOW it was a good workout. I don’t know where to begin. I don’t want to make this a friggin’ novel. I always feel like I’m gonna write a brief “update” but it turns into this bevy of words that don’t really make sense unless you read it a few times – but then again who would read THIS a few times????? So I will attempt a quicker entry so as to not bore or lose my audience.

went to SLOville, stayed at Seanah’s in ShellBeach.

left Seanah’s at 7:30 and drove to Adam from the band I brought home…s house in San Fran. Slept once I got there at 11:30ish. Woke up at 2ish, we went and had chinese food. Watched Gangs in NewYork. Went to “Jazz at Pearls” where he was playing. Got there at 8pm left at 2:30am……Long night. Woke up Sunday at….

12noonish. showered watched some footage with John Coltrane and left at 3ish. Seanah and BrightEyes call and say FOOD at Seanah’s while I’m in King City…..of COURSE I will stop by!!!!!! Then to visit Neil at 8ish, then to Seanah’s 10ish, then mommies by 10:30.

mailed Kaza’s Christmas box, ate banana bread my mom made. Visited Sister at her Work. Watched “Holes” (yah AGAIN girlies, I remember watching it friday too with spagetti OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) with Smurf, went to sleep. Oh wait, watched a recording of “the oreos” that would be Smurf, Step-Brandon, and Rikster playing in a talent show. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Left mommies at 6pmish. arrived in Blur-Bank by 8:37. My closest rod broke so all my clothes fell out everywhere, it looks like when I moved in…..yuck

Left for work at 7:30. Worked 8 – 5. Went to the gym, got home by 7:30. Had mac n chez for dinner now typin this bad boy.

There you have it, if you feel you did not get enough information reading this please feel free to comment on it or email me and I will get back to you with more details – if I feel you deserve them and I feel like sharing them. hahahahahah

I will be in SLOville wednesday night 11/26 this time with Husband. We won’t leave til after I’m off work though, so you know with EVERYONE else leaving too for the holiday we should be there by Noonish on thursday! We’ll stay and leave Sunday. Then I’ll be back with Kaza on 12/19/03!!!!!!!!! I’ll stay the week and leave the 28th. I’ll have to work that following week. So………….yah. Yah. Good? Good, we’re cool cool cool.

here’s a new phrase:
moocowboo = ewe

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  1. . . . but it turns into this bevy of words
    Good job. ๐Ÿ™‚
    not as good as . . . She’s a conglomeration of the positive points of a majority of my exes but on it’s way. you’re on your way, young grasshopper.

  2. Yay!
    Yay for Yani time, but make sure you leave time for my going away party. Don’t know when exactly it will be, but moving day has changed I do believe to the 3rd of January…we shall see!

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