“Look at me I’m a flippin dolphin I know something!”

If you don’t know that’s from Finding Nemo leave now.

I got a call today from Cynthia (agent) and I got the part in the film I auditioned for! Very excited. They won’t need me til January, but I got it! Very excited.

It’s called States of Grace – no you will not see a trailor for it the next time you go to see a movie, but I’m getting paid to act – so that’s WAY cool!!!

I shall be intown late wednesday night with husband. Harry’s thursday evening, Jax…we have plans and sometime on friday (I don’t know when) but I have to take husband to Lompuke so he can get a ride home (he works saturday) but I will stay in town thru the weekend. staying at my dadda’s. Definately skarieokie on sat – still dont’ know what’s on the new mystery CD. But apparently Brad and I will sh*t industrial size bricks. So I’m WAY excited abou that…well, not about the bricks but the CD hahahaha

Decaf Coffee tonight, and IM people – fun

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  1. Woot! Congradulations, Aiyani! If nothing else, it’s money and some reel fodder =)

  2. That’s a cause for the WOOHOOO!!!!
    I know I talked to you about this already, but I had to type to you too! I am so happy for you and proud of you and can’t wait for this to become something bigger and better, which I know it will!
    Love you and see you tomorrow!

  3. Wow
    That is so great that you got the part… What kind of part is it? Is it going to be in theatres or video or Tv??/ Tell me I gots ta know…
    However it comes out, I am buying it!!!!
    Well have a good Thanksgiving, and know that Caleb loves you, (So does Randy and me)

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