John and Aiyani? You’re table is ready.

Ooo OOOooo Pick Me!!!! I have to add this, cause it just happened.

first i called (star 98.7) becaues I was laughing that I heard “hi this is ah-nuld and you’re listening to skip kelly on star 98.7” so i’m dying of laughter……..THEN I told him it was up there with John and he said john?………this John? and played his voice over clips i started to DIE – it was my own little playing of john, he played it like 4 times and just laughed at me THEN
he said, he’s no supposed to say anything, but they are going to have a special “intimate” star lound performance with john, and I FLIPPED OUT

i coulnd’t breathe!, and he laughed! and I said I have to go, how do I get there
and he said he didnt’ know how they were going to do it this time – you know they either say “be the 9th caller right now” or whatever, so he said they’ll
start probably on monday, so just listen and do what they said
after calming down I said this was a good day, now it’s the BEST day
and he said compliments of star 98, and I said my favorite station and my favorite man skip kelly

and he put like our whole conversation on the radio.

crack myself up, i’m such a geek i LOVE IT!

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  1. *smile*
    I love my geeky friend!

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