I made banana bread tonight, and it’s really good!!!!!

A little driving, a lot of food, a little drama, more food, some fun!, and some more driving.

I love my family, and my friends. It was nice to hang out for more than 1 day. Husband and I rolled in on wednesday at about 10:30pm and went to Seanah’s house for some food and to watch Finding Nemo. BrightEyes got off work at 11pm so we all hung out for a little. Then Husband and I stayed at my dadda’s house even though hes not there.

THRUSDAY: Smurf called with my wake up call at 11am. We showered and got to mommies by 12:30. Rikster, Smurf, Husband and I went to see myfavoritesister working at Starbucks before going to see Cat in the Hat.

insert princess review: The Mike Myers film Cat in the Hat looked like fun for all ages when previews and trailors were released but most his audience would now disagree in its appropriateness for anyone under the age of 16. Parents were shocked by some of the adult jokes for a “Kids movie.” Though it is understood many children don’t understand the adult comments or jokes, some do, and the line between what should be allowed in a kids movie and what shouldn’t be allowed seems to bethinning. Mike Myers fans are saying it’s “typical Mike Myers” and his jokes are all the same, his accents are all the same, and his dirty jokes are all the same. Fans still rave on how funny Austin Powers is,and So I married an Axe Murderer – but it is said to not go looking for the Cat in the hat, but go continue to Find Nemo.

end review

THURSDAY CONTINUE: After the movie it was back to mommies for a CRAZY game of pictionary – girls against boys…..Guess….who…won….No no, you have to guess. Dinner was at 6:30 and mommie made everything from scratch! From rolls to pie crust. The one thing she didn’t do was pretty much grow the potatoes or the turkey. It was AMAZING. SHE is AMAZING. Then it was to Harry’s for SkarieOkie. Kevin sang “We all die young” from ROCKSTAR and I totally “sh*t industrial size bricks” as it was said I would. I screamed and sat in the front row!!!!!! It rocked my world. Husband didn’t sing, he said he has to drink to do so….whatever!

FRIDAY I went to Hobees with Jax, Shawn Jacques my social advisor – and it was MARVELOUS. I MISS the coffeecake. then we tootled in downtown SLOville and i got 3 new dresses and a new shirt!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED! Then it was home to babysit. Mommie and Randy had to go out of town on an unexpected trip to Bakersfield – family stuff.

SATURDAY Daaaaaaana and i went to see LOVE ACTUALLY. Enjoyable

insert princess review: The hit flick Love Actually takes theatre goes not-so by surprise. From the makers of Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’ Diary come a new fun filled story of Love and Human Nature. Explaining different scenarios of life, it is apparent that everyone can relate to SOMEONE in this movie. Though not intended for your children some scenes have a soft sexual standpoint, this movie says alot more than your typical romantic comedy or tear jerker. It says Love Actually is, all around you.

end review

SATURDAY CONTINUE: then we decided to go to Jack in the Crack for some fat intake and good conversation. I LOVE DDAAAAAANA, she’s wonderful. then it was home again to babysit and Jack came over for a bit, so did Smurf’s girlfriend…hahahahaha. Then it was to Sunset Dunes for SkarieOkie. SO MUCH FUN. I got to sing soooo many times.
1. The man that got away – Judy Garland
2. Don’t know why – Norah Jones
3. Bring me to life – Evanesence (for seanah, she had a sore throat)
4. All that Jazz – Chicago!
5. Picture – Kid rock & Sheryl Crow (with Sean)
6. Die another day – Madonna (for seanah again!)
It was fun as usual alot of the “old sunset goers” were there. All we were missing was Randy & Cortney! Then it was home to mommies.

TODAY I woke up at 10:45 and was out of mommie’s house by 12:30. Showered and packed and out of Dadda’s house by 1:45, car gassed up and met up with Roger Rabbit by 2:17. We went to cold Stone and shared a LARGE Mint ice cream with chocolate chips. Good times, good ice cream, good conversation, good friends …….good weekend kids. Excellent weekend. Thank you to everyone who participated. Congratulations to Rookie for his first skarieokie song, stray cats, we expect more EVERY time you come out to play!!!!

A special “shout out” to Momma!!! Cortney Loshbaugh in Colorado her birthday was the 28th, and I being the bad friend, forgot – so Happy birthday!

Everyone else, tomorrow is the first, pay your rent – and all your other bills and a december posting of birthdays will follow in the next entry.

Good Night Neverland.

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  1. My guess. . .
    um. . . the girls?

  2. My offer of DVD borrowing goodness still stands. I’m only about 3/4 of a mile from the Dunes. I keep an up-to-date list of the goods:
    Just let me know.

  3. and i quote…

  4. AHHH!
    Kaz! I don’t think she meant to forget you! We had such a blast! I am stiull without voice and wondering when it will come back! I miss you already Yani!

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