I’m getting depressed. Some reasons I will share and some I won’t. The ones I will share are shallow reasons that just make me pout. Follow:

Star Lounge Performance with John Mayer 12/9/03. I have to be the 98th caller when I hear John say “Hi this is John Mayer and my normal resting body temperature is 98.7 degrees, that’s Star 98.7″ So far I’ve been: 2, 87, 11, 46, 91, 15, 36, 78, 3, 33, and 30. Other times it just rings. I HAVE TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix it. yes YOU – fix it.

Secondly, he’s going on tour early next year. Closest so far I’m seeing he’ll get is Fresno and Vegas – I would SOOOOO go to either or both, but hold on………….they played it again……….busy busy busy – didn’t even get thru this time………”my life is like death, my children are the spawn of hell and you’re the devil” (name that movie) ANYWAYS. I would SOOOOOOO go to either or both but I do not have the funds to do so. Fan pre-sale tix go on sale tomorrow at noon, and I will just sit here and think. I shall sit here and think “a time for everything and everything in it’s time”

Who am I kidding? I will cry and pout and throw a temper tantrum. I WANT JOHN, I WANT TO SEE JOHN. Wah Wah Wah…….This was supposed to be a good year and it just keeps getting worse, and I hate it. I hate the year 2003 and can’t wait for it to be over, infact I’m so upset I feel like saying “bah humbug” now YOU KNOW that means trouble.

kaza………a little help.

Jax, thank you for so many things

PG, so excited for you – I promise! You just can’t tell

Left & Right – hi, and hi and cheer me up

Plantboy – welcome home

and to everyone else meet JP. He’s a new friend I met here in Burbank. Yes the J stands for something and the P stands for something else – but you shall call him J.P as I do. He was just introduced to Nemo last night – Congratulations JP and welcome to the worldofaiyani.com. He’s a huge Laker Fan and has a cute dog named Daisy. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

Catch you kats later….yah that old thing again.

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  1. I’m thinking, I’m thinking!
    I can see her, I can hear her, and I can’t fuckin name the movie!!!! ARGH! Quick! Tell me what it is before I lose my mind!!!
    Odd numbered years always suck…this year has been hell for me too, good things, but bad things…it was one of my deciding factors about leaving in 2004 instead!
    What can I do to cheer you up?!?!? Short of driving to Lala, I can do anything, I will stand on my head and sing Christmas carols if you like! I will bake a pie and send it to you overnite! I will…I will…I shall call you Squishy and you shall be my little Squishy!
    I love you…does that help?

  2. cheer up
    you know when ever I feel down heres what i do
    Take a deep breath
    close your eyes and

  3. *Sends happy, winner vibes your way*
    You will win, you will see John in concert, I have faith.

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