You know, what good is a vent session if you get crapped on for doing it. This IS my LiveJournal page right? I mean, I try not to swear because I know my mommie reads these, and I try to simply get out my feelings. MORE THAN ONE OF YOU HAD TO CALL ME OR EMAIL ME AND SAY “is this about me????” Which says to me I’m no longer ALLOWED to vent on this page. It apparently is only meant for my general sarcasm and updates on my life OTHER THAN the negative stuff. Think of it this way – If you think *I* would say something to you if I was mad, I probably would, mostly because that’s the kind of relationship WE have – so don’t make it about you right away, this page is about me and MY feelings and when I’m cranky it will read cranky, when i’m happy it will read happy – follow?

On the upside:
Very Cute and Endearing. Roger Rabbit and I watched When Harry met Sally last night on the phone. Well, we both turned it on at the same time and sat on the phone for the whole thing. It was very fun. Especially the part where Harry and Sally are watching Casablanca, it was like We were watching them, watching something else – very fun – and very appreciated. I felt better after that.
remember the key is we are like toy.

The toy today is CLUE. The game rather. Now briefly the idea of the “game” is to find out “who dun it.” ….It was Miss Scarlet in the Kitchen with the Candlestick….let’s look at this a few ways. This is about someone dying. hello???? You never meet this person – you don’t know if he’s a he or a she or the age or anything. And these Random other people are pointing fingers deciding who killed them? No deals. To disect more….and twist around………Let’s say these people (miss scarlet, col. mustard etc) all represent your negative feelings. Miss scarlet = angry
Mr. Green = sick
Ms. Peacock = blue/discontent
Ms. White = plain, that blah feeling you have
Prof.Plum = hurt/like bruised…that purpleblueblack color
Col. Mustard = annoyed/ack/rolling eyes

Let us assume the rooms represented are sections of our life where we as humans tend to act a certain way based on the company – not meaning we change who we are, just how we portray ourselves for the moment. These rooms become places like Work, Home, parents home, friends house, shopping mall, restaurant – and the such.

AND let us also assume the weapons are the words we choose to use.

Why is it our actions seem to speak louder than words. How can we as humans get so mad as to ponder the idea of terminating another life. And let’s think of it as not a termination of life itself, but OUT of YOUR life. follow? It is this person that we never meet that we on the occasion give a face too. It’s separating who’s who in your life and taking action when you don’t want them in your life anymore. You have to decide who you are before you let them go, or get rid of them. Where did they piss you off? Where did it go wrong? If you trace your steps did you really get pissed at work or at home? Who’s fault was it? Who “started it” you wonder. Maybe it’s just been building and this last person made you go overboard. SO – you become Miss Scarlet with the knife using sharp cutting phrases to get right under the skin quickly causing as much harm as possible, and you do this to who? That’s where YOU fill in the face. Or….you are Mr. Green, and not feeling so well take the revolver; something to say quickly to get it over in one shot. Are you sarcastic? Do you feel remorse after you’ve pulled the trigger? Are you Col. Mustard and so over it you get twisted in your own rope of words trying to explaing yourself AGAIN???

It’s all a game. Who wants to play YOUR game? Do you want to be on someone else board?; or your own? your terms…or theirs…. Sometimes you choose who’s on the board, sometimes you roll the wrong number and end up at the wrong place at the wrong time, and say the wrong things and all of a sudden it’s over and you don’t have a clue what happened.

Where are your thoughts today? Do you need to get a Clue? Does someone in your life need to get a clue? Who’s face do you see?, or are your eyes shut so tight you’re fighting blind and end up using the wrong weapon on the wrong person? ALSO….are you or have you ever been the person who’s face replaces the unknown face?

Be careful, it’s only a game/it’s only fun until someone gets hurt.

Toy thoughts are brought to you by opinion only and are subject to change without notice. If you have an idea for a toy discussion or a question regarding my opinion on a certain toy please post your idea or question here, or send and email to me and I’ll see what I can do. “Thanks so much and have a great day.”

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  1. *Sigh*
    I love you! It was perfect! YAY! And honey rant all you want…I know it;s not about me! hahahaha!

  2. the wind and the rain
    i hear ya with feeling like you can’t openly vent in your own live journal ~ feeling like you need to stay peppy or positive. i’ve received a few phone calls/comments regarding my attitude and even been told that i sound like i’m looking for sympathy. hello? so where does that leave me? same place you are. frustrated.
    now, regarding being one of the few people who had to call you when reading that…. when you don’t specify the direction of your frustration and you know people are going to log on reading an intimate message pointed towards “YOU…YOU….YOU..” it just has a tendency to come across personal! so don’t YOU take it too personally that people are worried that they’ve hurt you in someone. on the contrary, it’s because everyone loves you so much and doesn’t want to be at odds with you.
    also, i’ve been delirious with fever the past few days so i was reeling in the thought that i may have said something stupid ~ call me paranoid.
    hate that you’re frustrated. know that i’m here.

  3. This is about someone dying. hello???? You never meet this person – you don’t know if he’s a he or a she or the age or anything
    Actually, they do tell you it’s
    Mr. Boddy, but that’s neither here nor there.
    I like that you vent, it shows your sensitive side. 🙂
    If someone has a problem with your venting, I’ll set them straight for you. And I don’t care if it IS about me, I still love you anyway. But if it IS me, throw in a Roger Rabbit somewhere so that I know it’s time for the “If you’re feeling sad and lonely, there’s a service I can render. Tell the one that digs you only, I can be so warm and tender. Calll Me, Maybe it’s late to just call me, don’t be afraid to just phone Mhuawwwhh, Call me and I’ll be Aroooooouuuund!”
    kay, I’m done.

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