just thought I’d mention it.

Here’s the deal. You disappoint me, you’re out of the friend loop. I will talk to you because I know you, we are aqcuaintences – but I’m over this drama. I’m over people being to damn sensitive and expecting ME to understand when I obviously don’t, and I’m over trying to fix something YOU broke. It’s not time. That’s the answer to everything. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? How come this, how come that? The whole a time for everything and everything in it’s time dealio – yah, just keep repeating that to yourself. Don’t cry about it – I ‘m trying not to too. This is a very dry and honest moment I’m having. No, I dont’ expect anyone to FIX my problems, but the fact that you care says a lot. So don’t expect me to fix your problems either. yes I care what’s going on, I do!!! Yah, go ahead and ask for my opinion, ask what I think – I’ll tell ya, but be forwarned if you don’t like what you hear YOU ASKED.

Traditions. I don’t want to get into this, but if you have any and they change make sure everyone in the loop who may be affected by the such – knows so there aren’t any problems.

Welcome to the holidays – some of you asked so,this is what I want:
1. Boys to make up their mind
2. Girl to not go crazy when boys don’t make up their mind
3. everyone in my family to be happy.
4. Josh Kelly CD, Jason Mraz CD, Dido’s new CD, and Sarah’s new CD
5. to lose 45 pounds.
6 anything John or princess related
7. a bigger tv
8 a new job

And here’s a thought for you:
TOYS. We are like toys. Problems see the manual. Todays’ toy:

**Yo-Yo’s. Now boys are more yo-yo’s than girls. This is what can get confusing though. If boys are the plastic part of the yo-yo, the girls must be the string….hhhmmmmm SO, sometimes they are wrapped around our fingers, and sometimes we get tied to them and they do all they can to shake us off. sometimes we get knotted and you don’t know if it was your or them. ALSO – if the GIRL is the plastic part, the same would go for boys that are strings. Do you want them attached? Is it time for a new toy?

“have a great day”

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  1. ummm…
    Who? I am lost! I want to lose 45 lbs, and have a no ugly weather trip to NYC and a boy to like me for me…k, got that?

  2. Remember…
    Remember…toy of the day today is “Clue”!!!

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