AND – I’d like some chinese food.

Today’s the day. The sun is shining, the tank is clean…..huh!!!!!!!! The tank is clean – THE TANK IS CLEAN

You know how you get mail and you KNOW it’s like a mass production thing, and you KNOW someone sat and stuffed ALL those envelopes made ALL those labels and you’re hopeing they didn’t actually lick all those envelopes or those stamps………you know what i’m talking about now? Yah – HI MY NAME IS AIYANI AND I TYPED 116 LABLES TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE FOR THE SALES DEPT TO MAIL HOLIDAY CARDS TO THEIR CLIENTS. THEN I STAMPED THE ADDRESS OF ES ON ALL THE “PRETTY” ENVELOPES. THEN I STUFFED ALL OF THEM, THEN I SEALED ALL OF THEM. No, I did not lick them – I had one of those envelope moistener things. but…..hi. That’s all.

Next. Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer is on tonight at 8pm apparently and I don’t have cable. I have no friends here with it, that aren’t already doing something else – and quite frankly I don’t want to be home. I feel as though I should at least hall my ass to the gym – that way I know I did SOMETHING today. I’m still at work 2:30pm. No One loves me no one emails or texts me………wait Jax emailed me today – but HE’S THE ONLY ONE. And my mom called me to give me a brief update.

Also. Last friday after making guacamole and drinking 3/4 bottle of red wine I went to JP’s house and watched MEMENTO. I think I’m the last person on the planet to see it. I drank wine while I was there too, so you know little typsy. hahahaha. It was an interesting movie – I should watch it again when I’m sober. Pretty sure I’d understand more and not have to pause it so much to pee. Hi, his dog is really cute, really fun, and really smart. And if you know me pretty well, you know I don’t do dogs. I’m not mean, or kick ’em or ignore them, but I get over them pretty quickly. Like “hi haley. (pet pet pet) ok bye.” But I was playing with Daisy for a little while. Maybe it was just the wine. hahahhaha. But JP’s very cool and it’s nice to have someone a mile away to play with. Yah so what if it’s 11pm come over and watch a movie – ok! He’s going to go with me to my co-worker/friends’ house EL this weekend. But he and the rest of the guys are already planning on being infront of the TV on the couch for the game……….lakers……I don’t know – but it’s cool either way. –So yay for new fun people in my life.

Plantboy was sick all weekend – we were supposed to Find Nemo on saturday, but PUKING was not in the cards during the original plans, so that didn’t happen. Hope you feel better by the way.

I pick up Kaza on the 19th, I think 4pmish. I know she’s told me like 12 times but I never remember things. Remind me to write it down.

TONIGHT John will be at the Key club in Hollywood for a Special Star Lounge Performance. NO I won’t be there because NO I didn’t win tickets. And Just because let’s review in it’s entirety that I needed to be caller 98 when I heard John say “Hi this is John Mayer and my normal resting temperature is 98 7, that’s Star 98.7” And the numbers I was were: 2, 87, 11, 46, 91, 15, 36, 78, busy busy busy, 3, 33 busy busy, 30, busy busy, 4, 54, 64, busy, 89, 19, 91, busy busy busy, 9, and 42. If life is like a box of chocolates I need to go on a diet.

Though some people are still pending I know of these:
Rik Mersai 12/12
Brian Armentrout 12/17 (KSBY)

Sending positive calming thoughts to Roger Rabbit (that would be me being sensitive by the way. lol)

I think I should try and get some work done – I mean afterall, who else is gonna stuff these badboys………take that correctly now – my mommie reads these!

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  1. Uhum…
    READ YOUR FUCKING FRIEND’S JOURNALS…dingle dong!!! I wrote one especially for you…and you don’t even read it!
    I will be doing the stuffing, labeling thing on Friday..woohoo, so damn excited!
    Miss you much!

  2. 10 days……
    So, here we are two hours later and I have read all the new lj enteries! About an hour ago I started craving chinese food… it was odd, I left the house today vowing to be good and eat cottage cheese and fruit for dinner…. now here I sit eating sweet & sour… *sigh* I’d blame it on you but I was at least 20 lj’s back when I ordered the food…. Wait until you see your x-mas gift from Right…. your gonna love it! And and and and did you hear????? KARAOKE SLEEPOVER!!!!!!! and it was Kevin’s idea. The 27th, I think. With you and Kaza and Jayme and Nahnnah and Loke and BigMike and who else? Let’s start making a guest list so we can get even MORE excited. Ick…. what am I going to do next month when you are ALL gone?? *sigh*

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