It’s friggin’ Saturday and I have NOTHING TO DO!

Allright NO DEALS for a few things:

1. If you are reading this and actually HAVE a Live Journal YOU need to update it more often. Some of you haven’t updated me on ANYTHING since like BEFORE Thanksgiving……. FIX IT! I’m HERE and you are THERE and I NEED to know what’s going on. The few of you that actually CALL with updates are only SLIGHTLY off the hook. I feel as though I’m being left out of the circle, like I don’t counnt. And that’s NOT a nice feeling.

2. Flakes – as in people who are Flaky……Simply….. Don’t be Flaky. If your supposed to do something DO IT. If you’re supposed to come over DO, if You can’t play CALL SO I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE! I don’t care if your a boy-toy (and that’s really what it comes down to sometimes) or if you’re a friend. REAL friends at least let me know what’s going on. It is one thing to have to break plans or change the schedule but isn’t it proper to tell the other party that this will effect WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????? Just WONDERING!!!!!!!!!! I know that *I* have had to “flake out” for occasions – but if I AT LEAST tell whomever needs to know what’s going on it’s not me being Flak-ie…..follow? I don’t know maybe I’m the “worst kind. I’m high maintenance but I think I’m low maintenance” (hi kaza hi roger rabbit) or maybe I’m just picky or maybe I let people get away with too much.

3. Keyboards. The computer Keyboard needs to be cleaned. SOMEONE has spilled alcohol on it too many times and now when I hit two or three they click at the same time…….23232323232 i’m htting two but LOOK!!! doh!

4. Bills. I can’t seem to get them paid. I HATE being behind, I hate feeling scared I may get kicked out, or no hot water, or no electricity. Merry Christmas.

5. My job. Granted I KNEW this would be a “demotion” from the Revenue Management postition but what are you gonna do? It’s full-time, and they’ll let me leave for auditions because they know it’s why I’m here. It’s $3 less than what I was making, it’s bonehead to an extent because we still don’t have a DOS (Director of Sales) and initially, my position is the beck-and-call for the DOS. So I do daily stuff and help the Sales Manager with stuff but…again…bonehead. Bonehead in that it doesn’t take much to pull this position off and I can’t help but wish I was in a better position with the same flexiblity…follow?

That’s it for now.

PS. I stopped listening to Star 98.7…….It just wasn’t meant to be and I was getting to upset about it. Yah – I really let it upset me, think whatever you want. Today – I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I’m too busy categorizing everyone in my life. (Hi jax, “you go in this pile, YOU go in THAT pile”)

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  1. You know me. . .
    When I don’t update, nothing’s going on. The most exciting thing that’s happened in the last few weeks was your coming over to play, talking to you on the phone, . . . oh, and today, I got this really funny message on my phone. . . . .from YOU. So now I get to be reminded that my life is boring, hrpmh. 😉

  2. you just like it the way you like it….you know, high maintenance.

  3. Pobre cita!
    I feel you on the “bonehead” matter. I may get paid well…but I don’t really have to think about anything…ever! The audit I had to do…time consuming not brain consuming!
    We NEVER want to leave you out of the circle! EVER!!!! For you are our Squishy! Listen, life up here has been pretty boring, the last fun stuff was when you were here…does that make you feel better?
    As far as the keyboard goes…disconnect it and take a q-tip and some alcohol to it…rubbing alcohol…and it will clean it right up!
    Fuck Star 98. fuck wad! For FUCK’S SAKE!!!! If anyone deserved those tickets it was you and voodoo hoodoo on the people who just called so they could say they saw John…it’s alright…in the end he shall be yours!
    And I love you!

  4. Spoo Keyboard
    Why so much spooge on your keyboard to make your keys stick? Did you find Shame on you!

  5. Yep…. same here….
    Sorry I never post…. But everybody is right, I have nothing to post about, I have done nothing since last time you were here. Most exciting thing that happened this week? Tried to get txt msg service on the phone. Paid for it yesterday, tried to send you a msg…. new phone that I just got, *loud scream* does NOT want to send msg. next day off, thursday… will go share loud scream with boy at cell phone store, then send you a msg after he credits me for two lost days of msg’ing time…..Sorry I don’t e-mail more, I only have computer access two days a week, and then only if my boss does not leave me fun projects…. Hopefully text msg will solve part of my bad friend problem. Until then, know that everytime we hang out at karaoke we think good thoughts about you! Now I must go read 4 more pages of lj…. Damn not having my own computer!!!! Its takes me 2-3 hours every tuesday to catch up on 7 days of lj…. then I have no time left to post…. bah humbug. looking forward to the 19th…. wish it was tomorrow. thanks for sharing your rant space with me. think bad thoughts about the AVC (cell phone) boy until Thursday. I was SO excited to get text msg yesterday, it took an HOUR in the store to get it set up and then it did not work after I got home….. ARGH!
    Talk to you on messanger later tonight???? I should have my comparative rates project done by 9ish….

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