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This is my horor-scope on my excite webpage, can I just say – it’s perfect for today and what’ts going on.

It’s your time for excitement. You’ll play with anyone that agrees with your interpretation of the rules. If you’re in the mood for romance, romance is definitely in the mood for you. Take your good luck, run with it and don’t ask questions. After all, a gift is a gift, and the giver might change his or her mind. Whatever you do, don’t mix this special day with past memories or future hopes. If you put it in that context, you could end up spoiling your own fun. Give yourself a break and live in the moment.

Today’s TOY: A Ball
Now, what makes a ball a ball? It’s shape? – it’s amount of fun? What sport it’s used with. Base-ball, Basket-Ball, Bowling-Ball, different balls for different things. Let us today go into who we are if we were a ball. Not to say those who play a sport that includes a ball are subject to BE that ball, at all. Ok!
*Looking into your childhood a bouncing ball could be one color or many colors. It was good for hand eye coordination, you didn’t get hurt if you were hit by it (well, not too much..hahaha) and if it went flat you could pump air right back in it and start playing again.
*Baseball Ball, small, fits in the palm of your hand and hard. Which means to me it’s hard to break but it’s small anyways so it doens’t pose too much of a threat to you, can still hurt if you get hit by one.
*Bowling ball. Heavier things, …hhmmm. Could still be colorful, not too much range in size and you KNOW it will hurt if you get hit by one
*Tennis ball – small, bright, bouncy, but you can’t fill it up if it breaks or goes flat -you have to just get a new tennis ball.
*Golf Ball – small, used to gettin hit, will NEVER go flat – but somepeople think you are UTTERLY boring, also some think you are very relaxing and challengin
Now there are MANY balls I’m sure we could go into but for basic sake let’s stick with just a few for this discussion. What kind of ball are you, and what kind of ball do you want to be for someone else?

If you go flat, or out of energy or bounce do you have friends who will pump you back up like a bouncy ball? Even if you think the ball is too big; or the problem rather is too big to pump up – would you let them try. Are you colorful? Or does one color pretty much cover who you are? Are you like a baseball ball where you tend to fit in the palm of someone’s hand, perhaps get tossed around, but you also know your strong enough to take a hit if one occurs – is it pretty hard to destroy you? Perhaps you are a bowling ball. You are so deep and heavy (not in the fat way!!!!!) about things it may take 2 hands to hold you up, but at the same time you can knock down multiple things in one swoop! You’re more solid. You’re type of fun is not bouncing around but knocking down what get’s in your way – in a good way I mean. And then there was the tennis ball. Small enough to be held in the palm of someone’s hand, bright with life, bounces off of hard difficult surfaces….but…if it gets crushed or flat….that’s it. No more playing. No more bouncing, still bright in color – but no life. And you can’t be pumped up. You are just, replaced. And lastly, the Golf Ball. Smallest of them all, yet…super hard and tough – slight bounce, hurt like hell if you get hit by one and people tend to swear at you when you get off course.

Hhhmmmmmm. What kind of person are you? What kind of Ball are you? It seems each ball has it’s own sort of fun – but it’s own bummer points too. Just like people. We have are good sides and bad sides, our up days and down days. When you’re down can you be picked up or are discarded without try. How tough or hard are you – how big or small are you; your personality not physical body.

It’s been a longweek and I’m looking forward to sleeping in, Today is Rikster’s Birthday. He’s 11. Tomorrow is EL’s Christmas Party (EL with whom I work) and JP is playing the roll of +1 as in Aiyani +1. There’s a Lakers game on so he’s sure to be infront of the TV with the other fans by tip-off, and MahRoomah graciously allowed me to the recipe for the Garlic Dip. I promise Kaz, I will not tell a soul the recipe. Not a Soul. Have a great weekend everyone, be careful of the flu that’s going around. Take care of yourself – I’ll be around and about this weekend and home in SLOville (SLOtown, kaza) with MahRoomah 12/19.

NEW YORK BOUND part 2, THE SEANAH LEBED DEPARTURE……RSVP to Kevin karaoke_star33 about Seanah’s Going away party. Saturday December 27, 2003. SkarieOkie slumber party/pot luck!!!!!!!! Only selected people will be allowed to staty, so Don’t ask to bring someone we don’t know we WILL say no. It’s for close friends and people who know and love Seanah and want to wish her luck. She’ll be driving across country alone with her puppy…..BIG puppy, so Bring some mula for the gas tank. She takes off January 3rd.

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  1. I’m a tennis ball. . . .
    Only I see a tennis ball as like a baseball, only lighter. Can’t go flat, since it’s not pumped up in the first place, bounces back from just about everything, bright, colorful, bouncy. Easier to destroy than a baseball, but still not very easy. Have to use some pretty unconventional methods, like sharp things, to really take it to pieces.

  2. Hmmmm….
    Well, I can certainly help pump you up and….oh, you were talking about something else….hmmmmm…..welll…..
    I’m a bowling ball….solid, gets things done, but can also have lots of tricks & fun when thrown the right way. I like to be strong for other people because its easy when I care about them, then if they can be strong for me we can lean on each other and things get much easier.

  3. hmmm…
    Can I be a bouncy Bowling ball? hahaha..giggle..hehe…okay, I’m done

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