Today is a day for food. I can’t see to get enough of it. I’m sure I know a couple reasons why – but we’ll let those lie for now.

For Roger Rabbit:
Calming thoughts are going out to You. Let’s remind him that it’s not his job to be happy for everyone, or make everyone happy. Sometimes You are the gentleman that lays your coat down for those to walk over, sometimes you’re the coat. Venting is ok – It REALLY is, If you don’t get it out you are cheating yourself. I’m here for you too.

MAAAHHHHHRRROOOOOOOMMMMMAAAHAHAHA;S AER;IOA KMK WOAEIA; KAKLDF ;AF J DUCKET!!!!1;AILF ALK GONNA GIVE YOU NINJA KICK! see you in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Cancun, Vacation is well deserved – I’ll be here for you, and I’ll be there for you.

It’s good that he understands where his frustrations are coming from. It’s good that Dadda only lives 2 miles away – I know it makes you sad, It makes me sad and I don’t get to live with him either way. I’m working on getting money to send people to places where it will not feel that they are tearing your family apart. Nothing will tear us apart. You are a Wonderful Beautiful and Supportive Woman, and Mommie.

Left & Right:
al;eiu aw[a;lkfja;el However!…Kaza and I are going to her sisters house this sat 12/20/03 for an annual Christmas Party……..don’t know if she will end up playing, but I will arrive rather late at least so I can see you, and YOU will see me in a dress!!!!!!!!!!! woah!!

Keep breathing. The weeks almost over, work IS just work and you don’t have to take it with you back east. Well you’ll have your pager but that’s your own fault!!! hahah, ok just kidding. I hope to see you this week.

Hi, I’m making a request NOW for you to sing John when I’m there – SOMETIME, I just need to hear it.

Princess SkarieOkie CD huh??? Sounds FFFFUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!! What’s on it What’s on it? what’s on it? what’s on it? what’s on it? what’s on it?

Reminder – you get first dibs on spending time and playing. Thank you for who you are, and who I am because of you. I will be in town from this friday 12/19 leaving Sunday 12/28. who love joo?

Today’s Toy: Pick-up-Stix
If you remember there are a bunch of plastic stix. Different colors. You hold them up together then let them drop, and the object (well how *I* played it) was to remove a stick without disrupting the rest of the pile. Without moving everything else around. SO – Let us say that this is a pile of our life, and our lives are full of “baggage” it can be emotional, mental, physical…whatever. And the object is to remove one without disrupting the rest of your life. It’s hard when you’re trying so hard to just get rid of one thing and like a chain reaction, other stuff get’s moved around. It’s hard when it all starts looking the same. Just remember it’s always your hand that’s in control of pulling the stick from the pile, and understand it shouldn’t be a BIG deal if other things get shuffled when trying to organize your life, after all once you remove it – you have one less thing to worry about, right? How many stix do you have left to pick up? Is it really that BIG of a deal??? Are you making it harder than it should be? and a little hint – move the ones on top first, these will be easiest to get rid of in the long run

I shall leave you with this “there there, it’s allright, everything’ll be ok”

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  1. Better!
    I am getting better I promise!!! I’m even at work today! I can’t wait to see you and Kaza…shall I bring presents on Saturday?

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