Paging John

I have decided (that for the rest of the day we are going to talk like theees) that perhaps my slight mood swings are for the lack of John Music in my daily routine. I used to listen to him on the way to work, off and on at work, and on the way home,…while I was cleaning, while I was reading, and while I was on the intrenetty. Lately, however, I have found myself listening to him only when I clean and only SOMETIMES when I’m on the intrenetty. Jaime and Danny on Star 98.7 are not that great so they work for an alarm sound, I turn it off as soon as possible. BUT I love Mark & Brian… sloville kids may or may not get them on Sly 96 anymore. Anyways so there’s that. Then at work it’s Christmas Music either via the radio 103.5 California Coast…All Christmas, All day – unitil Christmas……that or X-Mas CD’s. EL won’t let me listen to anything else, however today she’s sporting a Disney CD, a totally acceptable change of pace. Then on the way home it’s been Lisa Fox and Ryan Seacrest – I don’t know why….I zone them out pretty much anyways, but I don’t play any CD’s. Yesterday I listened to CHICAGO (and Seanah will be singing All that Jazz for us!!!!!!!! when I’m home) and some of Jamie Lewis – Songs A La Carte. She’s Amazing – and your jealous that you cannot buy it at your local Wally World or Target. So………on the way to work today I listened to John, and was much more pleasant once I got there. I haven’t listened to him here at work but will listen to him on the way home and that should make going home easier, as well.

So they were popular while I was in Junior High and High School and EL bought one for her 8 year old son and it made me rewind to walking down the halls of AGHS not understanding the coolness or talent it took to master this thing. Here it is. It’s like this squishy ball sac thing with beans or beads or something of the sort inside. This makes it not a ball by the way because it doesn’t form like one. The idea is to keep the sac going using no hands. knees and feet are allowed and if it touches the ground you lose, you suck, you stopped the game. And so, what are YOU filled with. Do people like to play around with YOU. Do you bring more people to the circle, all eyes on you? Is it funner…..more fun to be the life of the party and hop around from person to person? Is it totally uncool for you stop? Just know that people look forward to your visit if it’s your party, if your the hacky sac. When there’s a group gathering if you’re like a hacky sac, you’ll find hopping about is the best way to please everyone but careful if it’s your party or not – you dont’ get to stop moving around; it’s too depressing.

*JP called today just to say hi – totally cute, I hope I see him this day or tomorrow!
*Sticker-boy all of a sudden wants to be friends again because he and his girlie broke up – I have friends that won’t discard me for a would be significant other.
*Plantboy actually answered his phone, a random conversation later we were done, he’s wierd sometimes.
*Haven’t heard from Adam lately….hhmmmmm I should call him
*Mike K text me alot today that was fun

Everyone that is sick in SLOville better get better or I won’t come to play. Kaza is sick too but she promises to leave it in new york and tomorrow we (she and I) can say “see you tomorrow”

I have an audition tomorrow for a pilot at 12:15p, and wardrobe fittings on friday for that film States of Grace at 1p, then to pick up kaza and we’re on our way. I’ll be staying at Dadda’s house all week but if we (you and I) stay out playing just make sure I crash somewhere safe.

And now it’s 5pm, Work is over, Im’ outta here.

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    I can say it today! See you tomorrow! I am sooo excited…so is Left…who is on my right…hmmmm!
    Kisses, and I am soooo much better today!

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