enter swear word here.


I just updated this thing for THE WHOLE DAMN WEEK and it said “error” I can’t believe I didnt’ copy it over to a wordpad, like i normally do, just in case. I am LIVID.

I can’t write anymore right now. Fortunately for you that means no huge novel, unfortunately if you actually cared what it may have said you’ll never know. I’ll give you the “short short version” ( do you? yes, do you? yes, good you’re married, kiss her)……but I’ll do that another time

But so I know what to say, the words are:

1.Friday’s Drive – and John’s Star Lounge
2. Saturday with Left and Right and Food, then Kaza’s sister’s party
3. talking on phone for hours like I’m in Junior High
4. Sunday to PCPA with mommie thanks to Roger Rabbit
5. Dinner with Jax
6. Where were you when the Earthquaked? JP called to check on me
7. Michael Aaron
8. Christmas, and Pictionary….the 6 hours of it. JP called and said merry christmas and I think a drunk Plantboy did too.
9. Ceres, Shawn Jacques
10. skarieokie saturday and slumber party
11. movie reviews for The Last Samurai and Peter Pan
12. Why 12 is a good number.

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