Well I’ll try this only because I’m already done with my work, it’s only 3p and I just read an article about John. So I’m feeling good. Quickly glancing at “the word is” from last night’s fiasco I have decided not to go in order of events but to just throw out random parts of the past week. Parts that stand out, tied in with parts that I remember right now at this exact moment.

When Kaza arrived at the airport friday night our screams of joy together broke the library sense that the arrivals area had goin’. Oh well. No one told us to please be quiet, I think if anything people were amused. Makes you wonder why THEY weren’t yelling with happiness. Once we got in the car it was 5pm. Friday night, 5pm driving up the 405………I’m sure you can picture the drive. Racing at 12 miles an hour. However, on the upside – we were together and Star 98 re-ran John’s performance (that I missed out on because I wasn’t caller 98). It was of course wonderful, I think I love it more to hear him and his guitar only. No bass, no drums, no one else. Just John – Loved it.

BrightEyes and Seanah and I ate at this place in Santa Maria called FOOD IMPORIUM. It had a whole bunch of EVERYTHING. I ate Japanese food, Chinese food, some salad, some pizza – and all for $7.11………thanks girls for introducing me – I’m addicted and think about eating there all the time. BrightEyes, when I come and visit it shall be where we go….even though the right side of your brain will be THOUSANDS of miles away – we shall eat for her! hahahaha ok.

My mommie and I were able to see the Christmas production at PCPA thanks to Roger Rabbit. It was a great story and no one had names and no one actually had lines – it was all songs and music. It was great, beautiful and wonderful. Attacking the Christmas “movement” if you will, through the years it has become more about presents – and the show gave us, the audience, something else to look at – another point of view. which leads me to simply say, as cliche as it is “what does Christmas mean to you” You don’t really have to answer but hopefully “presents” was not what came to mind first, think of those as an added bonus.

Dinner preparted by Shawn Jacques,my social advisor, and Zac last Sunday night was DEVINE. I had a glass of dessert wine a glass of red wine and 2 shots of Slivovitz. Wasn’t bad, made my chest really warm really fast, but I did not get drunk. There were about 12 of us I’d say around a dinner table, all of us knew someone else that was there and by the end of the evening everyone knew everyone. Then there were presents. Zac and Jax went out and purchased enought gifts for everyone there to have 2. No names on them, we just picked them out, unwrapped them and that was that. It was such a crazy, but thoughtful thing for them to do. I got some REALLY COOL candles, and a mini digital camera that I have yet to play with….but I WILL! Once I’m done unpacking and find a place for things…..hi – they even baked a cake. One word “yum.” That’s all.

I saw 2 movies while in SLOville – well AG/GB. Their reviews follow.

THE LAST SAMURAI is a cultural heat wave. Little to no swearing but some serious war action still gives the rating of “R” I’ve never seen a story like it but to try to generalize it, “it’s about people fighting for what they believe in” Japan brings in US military to show them how to use guns, but the Samurai’s do not believe in those weapons. They fight by the sword. It is intense, it is a reality check on damage by gun or sword, it is a wonderful story. Battles, Wars – it’s all fighting. And in the beginning I was routing for the wrong team. In the end, I was not surprised by the ending, or hurt by it. I didn’t feel betrayed or carried by hollywood. The story told itself. And in the end, you know it was good because you felt it.

PETER PAN introduces an old story with young refreshing faces. The magic is still a HUGE part of what makes the story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up so powerful. Full of color,and imagination this version of Peter Pan is a wonderful clash of the Musical and the Disney verions. Watching it, was like hearing it for the first time. The lost boys are fun, the mermaids are mysterious, the crocodile is ENORMOUS and then there was Captain James Hook…..Originally the character is played by the same person that playsWendy, John, and Michaels father. This interpretation does not let you forget that. Which brings out more meaning on being a child and wanting or needing your parents but maybe looking for their kind of love in the wrong place. Tink is spunky and shows the true reflection of the jealous fairy she is when Wendy is around. This is truly a movie for the entire family and I encourage you to see it. It is about flying and forgetting, it is about learning and teaching, it is about love and lack of love. It is magical.

Allright that’s all I’m writing about right now. Maybe I’ll write more later this day.

ps. I FINALLY heard “Clarity” on the radio.

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  1. LALALALA!!!
    I miss you already! I will call with updates…bad friend, bad friend!!

  2. Peter Pan
    It was wonderful! Wasn’t Peter perfect?!?!?!

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