Seanah’s Brother Andrew is a Good Dancer – that’s all.

it was fun to dance with him at her party on saturday.

Because I have time in my “busy” schedule at “work.” I shall again go over moments of my week that come to mind. Sorry if I repeat myself, you’ll find in normal conversation – I tend to do that aswell….

Left & Right and Food Imporium….I’m still thinking about it – thanks.

Woodstocks with Kaza and Seanah last tuesday was enjoyable and yummy. I miss pizza.

The 4 Mersai Kids stayed at Dadda’s house Christmas Eve and did Christmas there first, then went to mommie’s house. I like Almond Rocha and my auntie gives me some EVERY YEAR. All of my family is now saying “are you saying I’m fat”

Michael Aaron drove up from Ojai tuesday and stayed at the Cliffs. We ate Chinese food and went to skarieokie. He watched the same 7 people sing for like 4 hours. How fun is that?? I don’t know. Dropped him off at his hotel, picked him up the next day and we had coffee at starbucks in AG (my sister works there!!!!!! she’s so pretty and wonderful) and talked for like 3 hours. It was cool. It was fun to hang out. Ran into Dan Connor whom I’ve known since he was like 7 8 9???? Yah, wierd- but fun. We had gone to school together too but he had moved to WA – and now he lives in SLOville again. For those of you who are wondering which one he was this last saturday he had on the beanie and sang “With or Without You.” And I sat in the front row.

Speaking of front rows – many happened Saturday all well deserved. I lahmahroomah, Seanah and BrightEyes!!!!!!!! And thank you to all of you who sat in my front row – it’s a very cool feeling, even though it’s “just” skarieokie.

Mommie made turkey and yummy stuff for Christmas dinner – I’m hungry.

A “Ceres” of Meetings took place on Friday. Shawn Jacques, my social advisor, and I went to Ceres (pronounced “Series”) to visit his family. It was a day trip. A LONG trip, but they were all happy to see him and apparently he wouldn’t have gone if he had to drive the 4 hours of boredom, long, tedious, cow-smelling way alone. Glad I could be of service Jax. “Who loves joo!?” =D All his family is very kind and huggy. I don’t think one shook my hand it was “and this is my friend Aiyani” and they said “it’s wonderful to meet you” and hugged me. It was cute. And for all those wondering, Jax resembles his dad – but I see his mom in him a little.

The SkarieOkie slumber party was a HUGE hit, it was fun and my body ACHED the next day….who am I kidding? I hurt TODAY STILL! Singing in the middle of the night when you’re delirious is really an interesting thing. By 7:30am I was singing “Ordinary Love” by Sade and even the part that said “(Instrumental Break)” came out of my mouth. I tried to sing it in key but often in my delirium I will simply sing in the key of me. Thanks.

I have a cute pair of Jammies that say “Adorable” on the butt. Wore those last night when I went to see JP…..and this is the part where I say “yay” he’s so cute. He’s fun and he kept kissing me on the forehead and the cheek. We cuddled up on the couch and watch Harry Potter and did a little smooching. He said he could kiss me all day. Um…..hi….ok – that’s ok – pick a day! hahahahaha, ok ok ok I sound WAY to girlie like I’m in Junior high. So that’s the boy story for this entry.

For those of you wondering about any other “boys” that may or may not be in my life, let’s say simply, I talk to these boys, but I only want to smooch one.

Star 98.7 will be announcing Star VIP’s names at the top of every hour from 7am to 12am everyday starting next week to send them to see John Mayer in February. I am a VIP!!!! “Ooo Ooo Pick me !!!!!” So keep me in happy John Thoughts, AND everyday they will chose someone they will fly out and put in a hotel in Canada to see him too!!!! hhmmm……do you need a passport for Canada? Is this somthing I should worry about at all??? Please advise. Thanks

Eating Chocolate Truffles from the store Harry & David. Yes it defeats the purpose of me going to the gym, so I’m not going to this week hahahahahah – didn’t go last week either OBVIOUSLY since I was HOME HOME.

Toy Talk will continue soon, I promise.

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  1. Canada
    You didn’t USED to need a passport, but you may now…who the hell knows! Go online and ask the consolate! You used to need only your driver’s license…
    Boys…junior high…yep, thank you giggly!

  2. last I heard
    you dont need a passport to cross the canadian border….

  3. A Food MUST
    Everytime you come to SLOville on vacation we will go in search of yummy food, I promise! The other half of my brain says you have photos…. e-mail me? please please please please PuLeeze! Oh so bored at work, what are you doing in LaLa for New Years? yea for cute boys, Yani deserves kissable cute boys! MISS YOU!

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