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Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone. Be safe and even if you’re a mile from home, don’t drive if your tossed, hammered, slammed, sloshed, gone, or drunk. Only drive if you are sober and awake enough to do so.

Have a drink for me, and I wish I was there to play you have NOOOO idea

Left & Right:
what are you doing? what are you doing? what are you doing what are you doing? what are you doing?

I think the last time I saw you drink or heard you drank was your b-day, and the time before that was also your b-day, but have a shot for me yah?

hi, and i’m sorry we didn’t get to play last week

Be safe in Colorado, you’re computer is at the Barn on the desk…at least it was when I left. Kaza and I went thru the kitchen and I think she and Mark painted and stuff bla bla bla. Call her when you get home, call ME when you get home.

Randy Bear:
I miss you terribly, and I hope next time I’m in SLO we can have lunch. call me call me call me

It was SO cool that you played on saturday and sang! You’re totally hooked aren’t you?

Roger Rabbit:
Got your email, that was FUN, it’s been a while since we actually emailed eachother like at a “real” address and not here or IM. Fun, and thank you

Ilahmahroomah l;asdkfao;we and I miss joo

do you even read these like your SUPPOSED to???? You need to call me. Bad Squishy.

Resolution: Firm Determination, resolving to do something
*Do you make “New Year’s Resolution” It’s sort of a damper to me, why I find myself having resolutions EVERYDAY, not just one day a year. But if I had to chose it would be to get out of this financial hole, and that is a work in progress (thank you) and lose weight. I’ve never said I will lose weight but I feel like now that I’m down here, and I promised MYSELF a long time ago I would stay determined to make a career out of acting and singing, if losing weight will “further” my career then I think it is a good idea to make it so. And so – I will. What will you do?

And now…….

Back to you – John Mayer; Room for Squares

Back to You, it always comes around Back to You. I tried to forget you, I tried to stay away – but it’s too late
Over you, I’m never over, over you – there’s something about you it’s just the way you move, the way you move me.

yah I’m so good at forgetting. I quit every game I play. But forgive me love. I can’t turn and walk away – not this way.

Back to you, it always comes around back to you. I walk with your shadow I’m sleeping in my bed with your silhouette.

yah, should’ve smile in that picture – if it’s the last that I’ll see of you, it’s the least that you could not do.

(oh I will) Leave the light on. I’ll never give up on you. leave the light on for me too.

Back to me. I know that it comes back to me, doesn’t it scare you your will is not as strong as it used to be.

My Interpretation:
It’s kind of like a Karma thing…..but not. It’s like that one person that gets under your skin and you love them but have to leave them, or you want to be with them but it’s just not right right then and there. You know sometimes you want things to work out YOUR way – but no matter what you try to do, it just doesn’t happen. It’s just not meant to be. And sometimes it comes as no surprise, and sometimes its a real shocker and you end up kind of lost… you hope. You “leave the light on” thinking they will come back home to you and at the same time if you had to leave you’re asking them to leave the light on for you. It’s like being together means you almost lose yourself so you separate to find that firmer ground with who you are, but it was such a nice comfort zone aswell you almost want to prove everyone wrong by saying you’ll get along just fine with out them.

Have you ever wanted to stay but had to leave? Directions are wierd, they never seem to go the same way. Even if you’re trying to get to the same place someone else takes the back roads while you take the freeway. So make the choice of what direction YOU are going in, and don’t look back – you already know what’s back there, keep your eyes infront of you for what you haven’t encountered yet.

Toy Talk to resume, turn of the year.

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  1. My umbrella
    Remember once how I offered to be your umbrella in the storm…well, I guess you’ve kinda become mine, huh? At least there is long distance calling…and lj and everything else…I miss you already…and will CONTINUE to do so!
    My New Years resolution? To say exactly what I want, when I want, and not get embarrassed. Cause lord knows I say what I want when I’m angry…but not when I’m upset or…well any other time…
    To not get hurt so easily and to learn to be as self-confident as I used to be…I’ve got quite a year ahead of me…

    • Re: My umbrella
      yes, you DO have quite a year ahead of you. so self-confidence, a positive attitude, and forward thinking will get you far. so will having friends out here to keep you goin’! just keep swimming!

  2. I’m hooked on hanging out with friends and cool people. I would be hooked on the karaoke if I could sing better (you must be missing your arms, ’cause man, you can’t carry a tune).
    As for resolutions; I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions. I will continue me pre-New Years resolutions of losing some more weight and getting into better shape and form.

  3. What are you doing? Me…..
    I’m working. Kevin hurt his knee, he is staying home. Nahnnah is at home. Just got a note from the little wannabe manager I work with that sayz ” policy setting is for managers only, don’t tell people when they make mistakes, JUST DEAL.” My response in the log book. Bite me. No Deals. Sunday is going to be a LONG 8 hour shift…. pray for me that I don’t kill him.
    My NY Promise…. Escape Hotel Hell…. I’ve got it down to one day a week, now it must go all the way away….
    Send Sleepover photos!! Have Fun Tonight!! Happy New Year!!

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