I am

I am:
funny………..to some of you this comes as no surprise, to others this is news – and IF this is news you are NEW to the worldofaiyani.com and this sounds VERY conceted but – to honest ….”today” I’m funny. SOOOOO busy at work; like I “always” am I called PG, Roger Rabbit and my mommie and spoke with all the above for like an hour each. Though it was not one of my “better” days, I was upset – same old reasons same old shtuff – somedays I’m ok and cool, somedays are hard. Today was hard – so I talked with friends all day. But none of this explains why i’m funny. I’m sitting here with husband and we were talking about websites and I said “is there a http://www.straight.com? as in to “find” someone – we both just stared CRACKING up. funny funny funny. So that’s why i’m funny.

I am:
a little tired. I haven’t recovered from last weeks no sleep and this week is no different. And last night, though I was home by 11:30 I wasn’t tired per say. So I stayed up til 1am – BIG mistake, tired all day.

I am:
Going to miss Seanah, and am sad I don’t get to play tomorrow night – CALL ME girls so I can hear you sing!!!! I shall be there in spirit.

I am:
Over boys that are dumb. I’m cool with boys that can be where I am, or just play around, or hanging out but when they are dumb – they’re dumb. But then again as a stupid crazy over-analyzing girl; I’m dumb too. Did I mention that JP called me to say Happy New Year – 17 points to the man a mile away. 10 points to Plantboy for calling at 2am, 50 points to mommie and family on speaker phone for being the first to call, and 5 points to Roger Rabbit who said he would’ve called if he wasn’t taking care of friends and such – well done people.

I am:
fat…….that’s all – a work in progress (as always) but rest assure, I am…..

I am:
going to drink my cares away tonight at home, Captain Coke’s until I can’t stand on my own. Oh Joy.


Toy Talk; Today’s Toy: Playdough
In addition to the many accesories that are out for the playage of playdough, playdough itself is just fun isn’t it? It’s colorful, and squishy. On the down side, it smells wierd (which discourages us from putting it in our mouths. good move toy companies.), and once you smoosh different colors you can’t separate them out again, and though it doesn’t stain you fingers getting it under you nails is no fun either. SO, having said that…..let us find ourselves as hands or clay. Are you the hands or the clay? Do you want to molded or do the molding? And, are the hands that mold you a parent? a friend? or a special someone? We as people, different colors, shapes, sizes yearn for change – CONSTANT change. We’re NEVER happy with what we have. We want something, we get it – we’re over it, and want something else. Hence all the playdough accesories. “now you can make your own playdough spaghetti!” The thing with playdough though, is that the colors remain, they never take on a combined color. Yellow and Blue Playdough do not make green playdough, red and blue playdough do not make purple playdough. So unfortunately by choosing being playdough you don’t get to change “who” you are just what you look like from time to time. But then, do you “want” to change who you are? Or is it safe and better not to combine? At any rate, you will change – there’s no stopping it, but you know that you have at least left your mark on the hands that attempt to mold you by getting under their nails and leaving a residue of who you are on them. You DO affect people who come in your life. You can be molded in to different ways, but when it comes down to it – you are just you. And that’s ok.

I shall go and eat some food now.

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  1. ummm…
    how many points for calling from THE FUTURE from TIMES SQUARE in the heart of NYC???

  2. Playdough…
    Odd sort of fun isn’t it? I will miss you terribly and of course we will call you tonite…maybe even get Tacy to sing…..
    Will see you on Tuesday night…Love and kisses and pounces and SQUISHY!

  3. Hi
    I GOT THE PICTURES!!!!! Its a small miracle. They are great!!! Thank you for a bright moment in an otherwise bleh work day. Hope you got home safe, Yippee for Squishy playtime last night 🙂 Talk to you in txt/messanger tomorrow from the GOOD job aka job1.

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