Boy Stories = Dumb Stories, so this is what happened instead

I arrived last night by 7pmish into Oceano to go to a baby shower, then picked up Ro (Robin Wolf) in SLO to get to Seanah’s last night at SkarieOkie. No one knew I was going to be there. I wanted to surprise everyone, especially my Seanah. They (left, right a roger rabbit) were supposed to call me when they were singing but at 10pm when they walked in I peeked around the corner of a plant and Seanah had the most priceless happy surprised face I’ve ever seen. Then we were screaming and jumping like we hadn’t seen eachother in months – but you know when you start doing your “lasts” the “last saturday night skarieokie” seeing people seems more exciting somehow. We played all night. We danced; we sang. There were only like 12 people in the bar the entire night and it was wonderful to just sit and hang out with the family. But I hope no one out there feels I left them out by not letting them know I was in town – my mommie didn’t even know ….ok? It was really spur of the moment, let’s surprise Seanah and leave the next day sort of thing.

I stayed at Ro’s house in SLO then got up and went to breakfast with myfavoritesister then went to Wally World then came home. I got here by about 4:30pm. My room is a disaster, I’m still unpacking x-mas gifts, finding places even for small random things is difficult. I haven’ caught up on my sleep so I think I’ll either do my nails or take a nap, either way eventually I’ll have to clear off my bed to get to it so I can sleep.

Tomorrow starts the “Star VIP” names for seeing John. I *am* a “Star VIP” and every hour at the top of the hour from 7a-12a they will announce a Star VIP by name and they will have 30 minutes to call in and claim their tickets. It’s for his concert here at the Universal Amphitheatre………..(insert John prayers here) and then once every day they will announce someone who won the trip to Canada to see John there on February 14. (looks up above monitor and takes in a quick breath and lets out long sigh with a silly/stupid grin)

I shall go and find food and sleep and clean my room and bla bla bla……….maybe I’ll play on the piano a bit first.

Catch you Kats Later

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  1. Praying…
    Aiyani WILL see John…and he WILL fall madly in love with her…and they WILL live happily ever after!
    You gave me the best gift ever…I love you, with everything I have. You are a true friend, and I would gladly share the handbasket to hell with you…
    Thank you for being you and making everything so perfect.

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