I don’t really have anything to say. Today I was introduced to a candidate for the Director of Sales position. Now, as the “Sales Assistant” I found it a little odd that I’d be invited to….well for lack of better phrasing….interview her. And then my jig was further thrown when I was under the assumption that I’d get to ask her some questions “what are your expectations……what do you look for in an assistant”, but instead she started with “I understand you moved out here to pursue acting?” shortly followed by “I wouldn’t really recommend pursueing the entertainment industry as most of them are all self absorbed….Ron Howard is very kind though”
um……..what???!!!! Why when we’re supposed to discuss hotel stuff and throw getting to know eachother in the professional sense does she say things liket that. Mahroomah would understand the catch phrase “couldn’t get a word in edgeswise” as this pertains mainly of course to the meaning itself but ALSO pertaining to one who only speaks of themself. It is one thing to be part of a conversation where you don’t ever get to put your 2 cents in, but when the person only talks of themself; it’s somehow different. (thank you cologne man) So I found myself just listening and then she’d get back to asking me about my acting career. She asked if I thought I Photographed well, and then; before I could answer – went into the difference between a camera man and a photographer…….um…..ok….thanks.

On an entirely different note…but not….I have an interview tomorrow, and if it goes well I will put my 2 weeks in here at LAXHD – that’s all you get for now.

No Tickets for John Yet…..the go on sale to Fans tomorrow at 10am, Hell I’d go by myself if I had the $30-$40 to spare – but we’ll see………if it’s meant to be it will be.

Called my gym today AGAIN. Now I am supposed to get charged $25 on the 15th every month, automatically taken out of my bank account. And on December 5th I was charged $45 which also caused a $21 fee to my bank as an overdraft fee. SO – I’ve been calling them almost everyday since then to get if fixed. Today I got a least 1 answer. I was told I got charged the extra $20 because originally no the first there were no funds in my account. To which I replied “Well my CONTRACT states a deduction on the FIFTEENTH not the First, which is WHEN there would have been money in there for you. So that is still unacceptable” Then he said, oh – he would look into that further and call me again. No call since. GETTING ANGRY. Thinking of joining the 24 hour fitness in Glendale, it’s like $30 a month but there’s always a sign up fee – so we’re looking at $200 to sign up at a better gym. Money I obviously don’t have right now. So I will just keep swimming with what I have. The whole is not as deep, but it still exists so….again ” a work in progress.

Seanah will be in LaLa Land tomorrow evening and I will say my goodbye’s to her then. so….

To Seanah:
After hearing tons of people ask me how it was down here, and telling me how hard it was (and you KNOW they didn’t really know)after hearing people say reaching for the stars was this, and looking to be a moviestar was that I just looked at someone one day and said “you know I’m not there to follow a dream, I’m there to reach a goal” So, I encourage you to stay focused and know that you are given these talents and these opportunities for a reason. And yes there is competition – but you will stand out when it is your time to do so. Until then, it’s all practice. =D, that’s my 2 bits.

40 minutes til I’m gone for the day. yay.

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  1. Trying…
    We are all trying to cheer you up right now…I am DETERMINED! Thank you for your two bits…they always mean more to me thatn the ACTUAL two bits…….what is that in terms other than computers? Didn’t it used to be two cents? Bits, English money…never understand that…

  2. laughing hysterically!
    because before you ever mentioned cologne man, that’s EXACTLY where i went!
    “i once knew a girl named pandora”….
    (pretty in pink is on right now….akdfioeihskjaho1j!lhjl!Lhl!)

  3. You look Pretty….. Oh so Pretty….
    Hello! LOVE your new LJ Icon! šŸ™‚
    May your day today be better tne yesterday….. Us girls will call you at lunch so we can enjoy food therapy together!

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