Now all I want is a Smile

Just got off the phone with Kaza. I was downloading my weekend and we were catching up and then I burped – as most if not all of you know I do so well, but then broke into “Love on the Rocks” a song by Neil Diamond. LOL ; Which by the way lately I’ve been doing………I’ll burp and then break into Love on the Rocks. So there I was laughing for 7 minutes straight. Poor Kaza not understanding a SINGLE word that was coming out of my mouth just sat and listened to me laugh. But, it felt REALLY good to laugh. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while, and it’s no one’s JOB per say to make sure that I do laugh but those of you that try and allow me to just be wierd – thank you.

I didn’t change out of my jammies at all today. And it’s coming up on 8pm, which means I’ll more than likely just stay in these jammies and go to bed at a reasonable hour so that I can go to work tomorrow chipper……….ps – tomorrow is the new DOS’ first day and neither EL or Mike will be there. Just me, Tina and HER. I don’t know if I’ll stay. She was interesting. I think she’ll be fine as a DOS but I don’t think our personalities mesh at ALL. But maybe I’ll be surprised.

I would like an evening job, so that I may workout in the day EVERYDAY (well maybe only 6 days) with a trainer and everything. Since that will cost me a pretty penny -and I don’t have ugly or pretty pennies, I shall settle for Miami Fitness or a new Gym like 24 Hour Fitness. I’m leaning strongly towards going to 24 Hour for a combonation of factors really. But in the end – what really matters, is I need to lose ALOT of weight. You’d think with lack of eating I would have lost some weight by now. But nope. I still look big; if not bigger. I know I’ll get Hell from at least 5 people for that, but you know what? No matter what you say, I hear myself more than you. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, but that’s just how it is. Sorry, and that’s that.

Kevin today said I was PHAT – Pretty Hot And Tempting……..I’ve never heard that before – honestly. And it was pretty funny and that made me laugh too.

Where is a place online that I can post pictures and stuff for all to see?

I’m not looking forward to loading all my thousands of songs back into Real One Player, but it will give me something to do right? Something about tentacles got it!!

I have some things to think about. Conversations with Seanah, Roger Rabbit, MahRoomah, Kevin and Shawn Jacques lead me to do this. We shall see how the next few months unfold – it will be VERY interesting. So if I’m not around, I am – but you’ll have to look for me. Make sense? Cool.

No boy stories – sorry. Either they’re not worth it, and/or apparently I’m not worth it.

Allright Bye

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  1. thank you uncontrollable laughing…
    it was just as healthy and healing for me to hear it as it was for you to do it! and keep doing it….and keep doing it. i don’t think neil diamond could ever know how funny he is!
    take care of you.
    and check out caterting. 🙂

  2. Pictures and stuff
    There are lots of places where you can post pictures….you can use for example…or you remember you do have a website…
    Its not quite quite yet…
    As to the other stuff, keep thinking about it. 🙂

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