I’m saying I like the cheese.

Now, I have no degree in music. No place to speak of what is good or bad, but I’m allowed to have an opinion. I do like the new church I’ve attended a couple times. My sister found it. It’s very small but, in all fairness – at least they all speak english REALLY WELL. I don’t know if you go to church or used to or whatever, but it’s always a little funny to hear 2 grown women singing into not so great mics and they sound 8 years old. Straing for the high notes. Saying things like “woah ho ho” and “Lo ho hord” It’s just silly. On the upperside the pastor made me laugh, and sometimes that’s difficult for a pastor – only Pastor Ron at the Naz has pulled it off successfully. And that’s a real laugh not a “haaaa he’s trying to be funny” moment. So there you go. I’ve been checking my spiritual pulse, if you will. And I rather liked the sermon here in Burbank.

No news from Barbara at Bur Cal Mgmt for the apartment. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. I took over the rest of my half of the rent today and husband will take his over this week, we will have to pay a late fee $50, wah wah wah.

My knee feels ALOT better today. Can’t straighten ALL the way yet or bend it like when you squat down to pick something up, but it’s almost there. And let’s all remember this was Roger Rabbits fault and no, he was not flirting with me – we were sparring and he ONLY won because I was drunk. Thanks. and if you don’t get the flirt part go read it gwydion82

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  1. How about…
    ….Lunch with me on Saturday? 🙂

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