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A part of me wants to organize my thoughts and start with “I woke up at 7am wed 2/11/04 to be in Santa Monica by 9am for filming” but since that would only work as a one liner, and my thoughts are everywhere anyways, I guess I’ll just do my best. So if I jump around – sorry, then again; if you don’t know that I’m random like that you may want to read your friendship contract again.

I woke up at 7am wednesday……..and waited and waited and waited for them to shoot the scene I was in. Granted my “talking” scenes are over, doesn’t mean I’m not in anymore right? So I’m in done with hair, done with makeup, and done with wardrobe. I’m in my clothes waiting. They were ready for us by 4:30pm. Hmm…..maybe a waste of time, but I got to hang out with some fab people, laugh alot, watch alot, learn while watching, got paid more than i get paid at my normal 8-5job and quite frankly, this is exActly what I came out here for. But, oh no – “we’re losing our light” and by 6p we have to stop because the sun is gone. Can’t do a day shoot at night.

Did I mention the woman in her bra only wearing a bandana on her head and a nose ring. Oh, but did I mention she had a plastic SPIDER attached to her nose ring large enough to cover her MOUTH AND CHIN. Oh I didn’t? Oh, well yah – SAW THAT IN SANTA MONICA BY THE PIER.

By the pier in Santa Monica, bright blue ocean, sand, parking lots and all or a sudden…..rollercoasters. We had an apt they were using for filming and for storage right on the beach. GORGEOUS and from the third floor, the view is SUPERB.

We didn’t finish the scene so they asked if we could go in on thursday – oh! that’s today.

Today I woke up at 7am to be in Santa Monica by 9am. Fine fine fine. Hair make up, clothes – oneders, moving on. waiting waiting waiting. Oh now it’s lunch time. waiting waiting waiting

OK, we’re ready by 3pm. we do the same thing several times – “watch” I’m in a scene where I’m “watching” someone else walk away. That’s fine that’s great – my knee hurts a little though. why? oh because yah whatever I hurt it almost 2 weeks ago at Sunset Dunes BUT TODAY MY KNEE LOCKED AND I LOST MY BALANCE AND FELL DOWN THE STAIRS……….ouch. limping, made it to a seat where someone brought me Ibuprofen, someone else brought me ice, and someone else was bandaging my knee. No no no, no blood or broken bones, but definately not feeling good. felt fine yesterday, no deals today. I tried to not bring attention to it, I was rather embarrased and wanted to cry but not but of course everyone eventually wanders by ‘what happened, are you ok?’ so of course EVERYONE KNOWS I fell down the stupid stairs because my stupid knee decided it wasn’t going to hold me up for a second. And no, I’m not saying I’m fat. I’m saying I fell on my ass. …….so standing and walking are difficult – but I’m sucking it up and letting the small shooting sensation explode in my leg evertime he says “cut” or “action”. It’s what I signed up for right? OH, BUT WAIT. yah, that was all fun and wonderful then we had a scene where we were all KNEELING. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET DOWN TO THE GROUND IF MY LEG WON’T BEND OR STRAIGHTEN WITHOUT MAKING ME LIGHTHEADED FROM THE SHARP PINCHY PAIN? Oh, I don’t. I suck it up. I stand until the last second the 2….did you see that TWO people help me kneel down and fix my skirt while i try to balance the weight of my body to one knee, and try to not make it look like that’s what i’m doing. We did that about 8 times and the sun went down. But we only got some of the angles necessary. SO, I will be needed tomorrow.

Dawn, DOS at LAXHD – doesn’t really like that so much by the way. Her message after I left mine was “please call me at home” and her number followed. We spoke tonight and she said “I need you to come into work tomorrow” and she waited for my response, which was well I can be there when we’re done shooting, I HAVE to be there – they’ve already shot me in the scene I need to be there for the other angles. To which she says “I need you to come into work tomorrow, we still need to finish month end reports from january” my response was something like “well, I have to wait for Gina to send Tina the new Windsor reports for this year, then Tina needs to fill them out, then *I* can fill out mine- and if she’s done then I will fill them out tomorrow AFTER i’m done filming. I should only be needed half day anyways. “well, good luck tomorrow – put your best face forward”…..thank you.(?) “bye” bye.

yah….what? hhmm….so I’ll get to Arcadia after i’m in santa monica then go home and pack then be on my way to SLOville. Quite frankly money that I’ve set aside for certain things will have to now go towards gas. So brighteyes – we’re still going to the play, don’t know if i can do dinner. jax do you still wanna play? does anyone wanna still be my friend even though I’m poor???? God I can’t wait til i’m outta of this problem we call a “financial hole”

i know i know, i’ve been so positive lately, well, at least optimistic – but sometimes it still slaps me in the face and I get bank notices and moments where I think my new boss wants to just fire me – afterall she needs someone who is actually available to WORK. I’m not pissy about it, it just depresses me sometimes.

To leave on a happier note, though my camera succesfully ate 2 rolls of film and was acting wierd, she seems to be behaving right now – and I have taken more pics of the cast and crew. so i should have those available to view in the next couple weeks, you know when I have the money to develop them. But i’m excited!!! about pictures. I LOVE THEM.

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  1. First of all
    The chick with the spider sounds like it could very well have been an ex of mine from 6 years ago…
    Second… i know what its like to not have money to develop film… i still have my camer a from my raiders game weekend i havnt had developped yet…
    Love ya Aiy…
    See you saturday

  2. You bet I will
    I will still be your friend when you are broke or rich or famous or limping in circles. If you and brighteyes go early enough to dinner maybe we can double up? Vickie and I will chip in to the “gimpy princess fund” Love you lots
    Cya this weekend

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