It’s ALREADY thursday??…it’s ONLY thursday??….hhmmm….

So you either are, or are not wondering why I haven’t written anything in a few days. Here I am excited to go to SLOville last week, successfully get there and back, get a flat tire come tuesday morning, but then good news about John. Why the HELL am I not puting it all on paper – well, you know….not like “real” paper, but whatever. And now that days have passed, I’m more calm, recovered and moving forward with things – so this will lack the normal enthusiasm I provide for all you viewers. You know – both of you.

Briefly. I arrived in SLOville, well Nipomo actually to my sisters quaint and cute cottage by about 10pm. She had milk in the fridge, which is a TREAT by now!!!!! So I had some rice and milk and found some chocolate oreos and began to watch Superman the Movie. I hadn’t seen that in about 10 years I’d say, not all the way through at least. Well, sister came home and we chatted for EVER and finished watching superman and watched the first episode of Smallville again. Not having cable or satellite or an antenna or anything HELPFUL in watching today’s television I was eager to see what the fuss was about the new Clark stories. And this is the part where I say, “I’M IN LOVE!!!!” I can see why my sister loves the show and Tom Welling so much. It’s very creative and fun to see how everything is unfolding. Addicted now, my sister let me bring home her copies so I could catch up more. WAY EXCITED. THANK YOU MYFAVORITESISTER.

Saturday rolled around and a miscommunication between my social advisor and I left me calling WAY later than I should have. So we decided on drinks before BrightEyes and I went to see the Vagina Monologues at Cuesta with Daaaaaannnnaaaa. We went to Blue. I’d never been there – it was VERY good, I’m dreaming about the Sweet P martini. White Godiva chocolate liqeuer, vanilla vodka and chambord. so it tasted like a rasberry glass of yumminess. Brighteyes caught up with us in time for a drink, I was on my 4th by then…..light buz. Then Jax went off to dinner and Brighteyes and I went to our play. We go there after most of the audience had already chosen their seats, but we got to be in the Front Row!!!! And we all know how much I LOVE the FRONT ROW!!!! It was funny, hysterical, touching, and very blunt. Things you don’t normally talk about with strangers you know? It was very real and I think many people realized that they weren’t the only ones who have ever thought like that – or experienced things like that. WONDERFUL DAAAAANNNNAA, and “Thank you Cootchie Snortcher”

SkarieOkie was a mild blast. Nothing like they used to be, but those who still play or are a new eddition to the show are just as enthusiastic. I guess that’s my cry out to Kaza and Nahnnah and all those other kids that used to come out every saturday for Friends, Fun and entertainment. That and some drinkies. I got home to my sisters cottage by about 3am and crashed.

Sunday made it out to see Terry Sue and Michael Rosen in SLOville. It was nice to sit and chat, I hadn’t seen them in a while. Their dogs need some licking lectures though!!! MAN – maybe Im’ just not a dog person, but I can’t STAND it when dogs lick. I had to be off by 1pm to pick up Smurf for our date. Terry Sue and Michael were cute and sent me off with a little care package containg some dry foods and oatmeal and popcorn. Thank you so much you two!

Smurf and I made it out to see Hamlet at PCPA, courtesy of Roger Rabbit and I have to say I was very impressed. I’ve seen many Shakespeare shows – granted they were all High School, but some kids just get it and can totally deliver Shakespeare so that *I* can understand what’s going on. Smurf and his friend Greg are very good with Shakespeare. But sitting and listening and watching this show, having never seen Hamlet – only told what happens, I was very amused by the slight psychoticness of it all. WHO WOULD HAVE FIGURED? Who writes stuff like that? Oh,…..William Shakespeare. I became an immediate fan of the man playing Hamlet. I just….got it. And if you know me – that takes ALOT. Standing outside waiting to say hello and thank you to Roger Rabbit, I saw the Hamlet guy start to leave. Do I act like I’m 12 and say “hi, i’m your fan” or remember that he’s just guy. Just then Roger Rabbit came out of the building. I looked at him, said hi and pointed and said “i wanna meet him” and he laughed and called out to him and introduced us. Danforth you have a fan, this is Aiyani and her brother Ben. We shook hands I said, Hi you’re brilliant and let go, and he said thank you and I said no thank YOU. It’s just a really cool feeling when you believe in the characters so much, you understand what they are saying what they’re thinking, and then realizing that they are portrayals only. But it was Damn Cool to see it, and Damn Cool to shake his hand.

I went to my mommie’s house after I packed up at my sisters cottage and hung out til about 8pm. Then took to the road. No traffic, it was a good drive.

Work has been work, the only thing is making sure I get there safely. I had a flat tire when I went down to my car on tuesday so I woke up husband and asked him to help me change. He did, and I’ve been puttin’ around to and from work with a tricicle wheel hold up the left rear end of the princess mobile. Carefully driving I am, but it’s not good when Semi’s and School bus’ get up on me and try to run me over.

On the upper side of tuesday I got a call from Adam from the band I brought home and he said his friend got us tickets to see John in Fresno, but Adam has a show, so he can’t go – but *I* could still go and he would send his friend Erik myinfo. For “Aiyani + 1” for the fresno show. OH MY GOD AND I MIGHT HAVE BACK STAGE TICKETS. The main question seems to be one of 2, who am I taking? my mommie. and What am I wearing? so far, my black bowling shoes and black pants, not idea on the top. I don’t want a boob shirt, or a too tight shirt and too baggy shirt. Something in the middle. I’m not allowed to take a camera so we’ll see if I 1., even get to go backstage and MEET JOHN! (oh Jesus LORD) and 2., if that does happen – I WILL NEED PROOF.

That’s about it. Went through my Forever Keep box last night for no reason. Just wanted to look at stuff I guess. Found old cards and stuff. Things I wrote in School when I was like 8, girlscout scrapbooks from when I was like 6 and 7 -Yes….I was in Girlscouts. I only made it to Brownies though. All my awards and ribbons and yearbooks and trophies all in this treasure chest. It was just wonderful to look at them and remember.

Sometimes you just need that, you need the good memories.

ps. I’m lacking in Toy Talk because my lack of motivation – any one have a toy in particular they’d like me to discuss shoot me a message or an email. bye

I’ve also become a member on, and – they’re like friendster….myspace seems to be more fun – but you know it’s just stuff and things right?

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  1. I never knew…
    That Smurf’s real name was Ben!!!! And I think you should wear anything you are really comfortable in…I have spent time thining about this by the way….and I think comfprtable but cute is the way to go.
    You are such a special person, and anyone should and does love you! Be yourself and be comfortable and he will have no problems falling in love with you…the way the rest of of have….
    TOY!!!!! KerPlunk…have we done that one yet?

  2. awww…
    and i was hoping you’d mention our *phone sex* as part of the upside of your week…
    …you all WISH you knew… πŸ˜‰
    i agree with seanah. comfy but cute. the you that is you will take care of casting the spell no matter what you wear. don’t forget to bring your permanent marker and have him sign your underwear.
    k bye.

  3. It was funny. . .
    I just KNEW you would want to meet him, so I made sure I followed him out. strange things are afoot at the PCPA. πŸ™‚

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