Real Quick

I no longer have access to the internet from home. You guessed it – the account wasn’t getting paid for. I have it here at work though – so I’ll be able to kinda keep in touch.

If you don’t already know, my bank account was closed because it was negative too long. SO – I obviously can’t pay for it that way. AND, hi – I can’t open a new account for 3 years unless I pay WaMu the $840 I owe them.

oh the life – so where should I move to?

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  1. Saturday
    Are you stopping in SLO to get your mommie tomorrow on the way to meet John? are you? are you? TELL ME! LOL!
    Are you sure you cannot open an acct anywhere? I did not have the same problem opening a new acct at a new bank……
    Anyway, I’m sure we’ll talk on the phone soon…. I have LOTS of stories about the to tell you.

  2. ok heres the plan
    you can’t have a camera but you can have a phone right?… your phone in for a camera phone and poof! instant proof and ceular access!

  3. Moving?
    You could always move here…I wouldn’t object and there’s a room openning up downstairs for $350 a month!!!!!

  4. MOVING??????
    NO NO NO….. COLORADO!!!! 🙂

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