A time for everything, and everything in it’s time….

I promise I’m enthused. But my cough is getting the best of me. I cough through the night – keeping myself awake, so my sleep deprovation (sp?) is going to affect the body of this entry.

I arrived in Nipas (Nipomo) to my sisters Cottage friday the 20th at midnight. I fell asleep on the couch afterwork and didn’t leave til about 9:45. And yah that means I was going between 75 and 80 miles an hour. My mommie didn’t like hearing that, but oh well. It was pretty much me and the highway; no other cars were really around after Camarillo.

Saturday I got to my mommie’s house by like 11am and hung out for a bit. Then went to see The Studio of Performing Arts production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR I was impressed for the stage it was on – it’s always cool to see them pull things off like that. Judas (Simon Lowrie) was having some vocal difficulties and rumor had it he was recovering from being sick, so I’m sure that explains it. Jesus was impressive – recognized him from SOMEWHERE and couldn’t figure it out. My friend Jack was in it, center stage alot of the time for group numbers – that was fun. And he gave me a little shout out in the program. Yay for that! I asked him later who Jesus was and he said it was his friend Mark, but didn’t know why *I* would know him. So when this Mark emerged from the dressing room Jack stopped him and introduced us. And Mark said he knew me from SKARIEOKIE at the Dunes. LOL – As SOON as he said that my mind WOOSHED back and scanned the files and BING came across the tall slender guy who occasionally sings “Don’t let the sun…come down on me” by Elton John and George Michael. I felt MUCH better after knowing where I recognized him from, and felt a little odd that he said I remember you – from SkarieOkie, you’re a great singer. um….hi you just did a Rock Opera – me? good singer? maybe not so much. Back to my mommies house, then to pick up Ro and Matty and to Sunset Dunes we drove. Good times, Rookie sang some song I’d never heard before but he was REALLY excited that Kevin got it – so YAY for new songs!!! and Brigteyes sang 2 songs by Evanesense so i called Seanah on the second one so she could listen. Home I went to sleep and prepare for sunday.

Got to my mommies house around 11:30 and we were on the road by 12noon – only an hour later than we had planned , but oh well. The drive through Dairy Land is not something to be desired, but all it meant was I was getting closer to John. We got to the hotel at about 4:30 and I crashed. Took a nap til about 6pm and got up and got ready. Black shoes, black pants, plain grey shirt. Hair flat ironed and minimal make up. I had called Eric earlier that day regarding where I should go for my tickets and he said they’d be at will call. So we left at about 6:30.

Just 8 miles from out hotel was the Save Mart Center where THOUSANDS of people were going to see John play. We got our tickets and mommie got a soda and we found our seats. We were on the side of the stage in the second row, parallel to the 10th row in the center from John.

/ / 1
/ / 2
/ / 3
/ / 4
/ / 5
/ / 6
/ / 7
/ / 8
/ / 9
me/ 10
mom/ 11

The couple and small girl next to my mommie and I were wearing green stickers that said “john mayer guest 2/22/04” I wanted on, but alas – I was not able to go backstage (THIS TIME!!!!!) Turns out though that lil family was Erics family, he got us all tickets and it was their first time ever seeing him play with a big Star if you will. They were really cute. My mom visited with them more than I did, but she’s a parent -that’s different. A cool moment was when John said Eric parents were in the audience and the intro to the next song was for them and he motioned to where they were sitting and I stood up and screamed and started clapping and John said “yah” and pointed at me (i assume, since i was the only one standing for that moment) and they went into the intro to 83. It was AMAZING.

It was by far the best concert MUSICALLY that I’ve been too, and the second best for seating – of course being in the front row was obviously the best. hahahaha, He played some INCREDIBLE solos, playing with one hand, playing behind his back, playing on the tuning keys….just breathtaking, heartstopping and mouth dropping playing.

For those of you that are wondering the songs he played were:
Back to you
Why Georgia
Covered in Rain
No Such Thing
My Stupid Mouth
Bigger than my body
Come back to bed
Your body is a wonderland
St. Patricks’ Day
Only Heart

I felt so priveleged to have been part of the evening at all. Hummingbird was new said John and it would be going on the next CD which he said he’d begin recording at the end of this year. Yay for more music!!!! Covered in Rain and Come back to bed were the ones where he went off playing crazy amazing solos and just rocked the house and carried us all with him on this emotional rollercoaster. The music actually came across very exciting than sad then pick me up then loud and it was just……I’m just….I’m in awe of him. He made some comment about dedicating daughters to the girls on Sex and the City – which was really funny. He said something about them just being sluts but they were getting away with it cause they were representing other women. It was funny – that’s all. St. Patty’s day is my favorite and added horns (trumpet and sax player) made it very magical for me.

I called Eric after the show and left him a message thanking him on the great seats and I owe him something big. Then later called Adam (from the band I brought home) to thank him as well, since Eric is really HIS friend and he kinda took care of me on this one. And he said they might be touring in CA again in the Summertime and he’ll go with me and have Eric take us backstage. I said anything was great.

Mommie and I got to mommies house by 6pm and I got home home by 10:30, with a brief 1 hour visit with Roger Rabbit in Orcutt. Dinner was fab by the way tell your mom I said thank you again for letting me impose – and your not terrible at Wheel of Fortune you just didn’t live with Kaza for 3 years – and she’s a MASTER at it. hahahahah

And now I’m at work, on my lunch break and utilizing my resources for personal reasons. Granted this is nothing new, but this time I clocked out. hahahahah

oh yah – and I told Antoan “moving” has become an option for me, as in to move away or home, and does anyone (except Rookie) want to guess what his first response was?

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  1. Drunk…
    I will read and write tomorrrow!!! I love you!

  2. my first response?
    …is that anthony said “what about me?” and “is it because i’m not as FABULOUS a roommate as kaza?” ~ but then again, it’s all about me and it’s 5am and i’m drunk.
    and yay! for wheel of fortune bytheway…!
    k, must pass out adn be to work in 5 hours.
    hi. i live in new york.

  3. We…
    WE live in NY…but husband’s first reponse? “But what about me, what am I supposed to do?” Yup agreeing with Kaza on that one.
    What was it with the drunk last night?!?!?!

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