I need a hair cut – well….trim

Hey guys. I’m sorry I’ve been out of the loop. With journals, with phone calls – I promise I think of EVERYONE I LOVE. I’m not even that busy, just sort of unaccessable. This week at work has been about catching up, and the DOS has too many random projects for me in one day. I need to start counting how many times she yells “Aiyani” from her office, and how long I have to stand there and listen to her ramble about God knows what. Today is saturday, and I’m at work – because I missed monday as it was the drive home from Fresno/John day. Which in a way is good because then I get a full week and i’m wearing a John shirt, comfy pants and tennies. I’ll be here for a few hours finishing up some stuff, so I thought I’d start off with all my personal online things first! yay!

Husband installed one of those Trial disks from AOL at home so i can get online, but it’s hard and different so bare with me when I’m at home. I have yet to catch up on everyone elses journals – but I promise I’ll take a DAY and go through all of them eventually.

And for those of you who care or commented, his first response was “what does that mean for me” and after 2 days of not talking he spoke to me. Though the conversation in it’s entirety escapes me, phrases I remember are: my selfish response is, I don’t want to live with anyone else – and I don’t want to live alone…..You’re my best friend and I love you…..I love living with you….I know it was hard during the time you had to carry me and I hated it and appreciated it….I have an interview on monday for a call center job paying me twice what I am now – and it’s busable (meaning he can get there via the bus)….he knows that he should be communicating with me instead of ignoring me but that’s something he has to work on because that’s just how he handles things. He doesn’t intentionally try to huret my feelings but it’s just his way.

So, i don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m torn. March will be ok, as April aproaches I will keep you all informed. Thank you for your calls and IM’s regarding my situation. Thank you for your offers and your words that come through so caring – I REALLY do appreciate. I just need to pretty much get another job if I want to stay here – and I”VE BEEN TRYING, but it’s very difficult because of my “day job” and want for auditions and such – and what i am and am not willing to do. Hopefully God will just sort of guide me because I’m not to apt in figuring things out on my own lately. I need help with where I am and where I want to be.

And I’m falling in love with Tom Welling from Smallville – this would be myfavoritesisters fault for letting me borrow the smallville first season. I STILL LOVE JOHN – this has not changed, but Tom has something crazy yummy about him as well, and he lives around here somewhere. So there’s that. hahaaahaha.

I will be in town to SLOville march12, 13, 14, and March 19, 20, 21.

ROOKIE – please let the girls in Deliver Me know I need them to work on their splits – one side, not center; and it doesn’t matter which side, and keep their backs warm and limber as well. Thank you so much.

JAX-a leopard print weekend one of the times in march?

I miss toy talk – I would like to resume those, and the new edition is:

Where is John?
2/28/04 Memphis TN

Have a great weekend folks

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  1. Re: Splits. I’ll start getting on that tomorrow.
    And a heads up: Matt hurt himself, and we’re going to be finding out tomorrow whether or not we’re going to have to replace him in this number. He stepped through his porch (I’m not sure how) and hurt some of his ribs.

  2. up in the sky…its a bird its a plane NO IS SUPER AIYANI
    go with the Tom Welling thing…..nothing sexier than getin it on with a super hero type…..ask anyman about a wonder woman fantasy he may have had in the past….all of then have had one….lol

  3. Absolutely….
    The leopards have our name on them. Which ever one works best on your schedule, I believe I have a big birthday party the 20th otherwise I’m open…let me know what works with your schedule.

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