My disappearing Act.

Nothings Terribly wrong, but I won’t really be accessible to many people for a while. I still have my cel phone, but my house line has been terminated.

I haven’t really been answering my phone either. I’m just not in the mood to talk. No one’s in trouble, I’m not ignoring any one in particular, but at the same time as special as you are, everyone’s sort of being shut off.

So if you call, leave me a message – and I’ll return it if I can or want to – of course if it’s an emergency that’s something else.

I haven’t read any journals so I don’t know what’s going on in your world, but I also don’t really want to discuss what’s going on in mind. Please respect that.

Please don’t try to analyze me, or tell me what’s wrong, or tell me how to fix it. Just know that I do think of everyone, I’ll still be in town next weekend and the weekend after to teach a dance to the Saphire Moon kids in Deliver me – and other than that, I’ll just….be around.

Work goes in and out of being interesting – forgive me for being vague with my work life and social life. Again, nothing’s really wrong per say, but nothing’s really right either.

I don’t have answers about me moving, when I do – I’ll let you know. And I can still check my email from work

and sometimes I’ll be on AIM “aiyginalydia”

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  1. hiding
    i understand the need to crawl in a hole sometimes.
    know that i miss you. not just because we haven’t really talked lately or the e-mails are few and far between but just ‘cuz.
    i think of you ALLLLLLL the time and am always wishing you happy, healthy (no i’m not saying…) thoughts for your heart. it sometimes physically hurts ~ how much i miss you and wish you better *stuff* in your life than what you’re dealing with. know that i’m always here even though i’m not THERE.
    oneders? ducket.

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