and now for a message from our sponsors.

March Birthdays:
Jen Ross: 3/1
Vicki: 3/2 (? can i get a confirmation on that?)
Princess Jr….Serenity: 3/13
Twin: 3/21
Nahnnah: 3/24

Have you ever put slice avocado on your tuna sandwich?

I’ll be back …….maybe next week….or the week after. – but I promise by April I’ll have something to say. Hell, I’ll even start answering my phone next week. deal?

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  1. Yes and YUM!
    Avocado is my favorite!
    I’ll try calling you tonight from Karaoke in time to sing PrincessJr a happy birthday song at Midnight. If you don’t answer I’ll just play pass the phone and we will all leave you a long voicemail filled with fun and giggles. Then we will see you in person in a few weeks. And you will get to see your surprise. Thank you to everyone for keeping the fun secret!

    • Re: Yes and YUM!
      No problem, its real esy for me to keep secrets, especially since i dont have any idea of what it is.
      Love you Aiy-and it will be good to see you when you get here.

  2. Sigh
    I love avocado…I MISS avocado…I need to start eating more veggies…besides OG salad…so goes the life…miss you much

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