The title is not how old I will be on my birthday – thanks. The title is how many shopping days you have……………..(enter yani&kaza laugh and freakout session here) I want more John stuff to add to my “Johnra” as Kevin so wonderfully gave me once.

Now the spoiled bratt in me says I need I need I need….but most of you KNOW it’s just I want – and that doesn’t mean much…..

http://www.johnmayer.com then go to STORE…..

I DON’T have, but would like…….:

White T-Shirt with Barcodes on it – Mens MED
White T-Shirt with black and red circle and arrow – Mens MED
Maroon Track Jacket – Large
Silhoutte Hoodie
Zip Hoodie (ooo OOO OOOOOO)
Guitar Pedal Tee
Blue 2003 Tee (looks like Back to the Future)
Any Given Thursday T-Shirt (ooo OOO OOOOO)

and pretty much this list is for me to go back to evenutally and remind myself of all that I want.

Selfish? nah….POOR???!!! yah. but oh well, right. and ps – I WILL be in SLOville the weekend of my birthday – seeing Saphire Moon and other things I imagine. And for those who can’t count, my birthday is April 17.

AND, by the way – it will be great to see people. I will be in town next weekend 3/27 and the weekend after I believe 4/3. Hope all is well.

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  1. p.s.
    what would be wrong if the “31” WAS the age you were turning, huh? huh? 😉
    but that’s not really what the p.s. was for. the p.s. was for the fact that i have a feeling you’re going to have a great b-day. just a feeling and i wanted to share it!
    ducket, oneders, jig-a-jig-a-jig, macaroni-out.

  2. Check off -list
    you eed one so you don’t get doubles you know…5 days to my b-day…I just want kisses!

  3. Hollywood moment
    Okay, quick but bizzare conversation from the dunes last week. Tuesday I think. Anyway, it was about Yani and I felt it amusing enough to share. Two sorta middleaged women who I KNOW Ive seen before approach me after I sing…..
    Woman #1: So we had a question for you.
    Me: Uh huh.
    Woman #1: We know it’s kind of the cheesy thing to do, but…
    Woman#2: It is not, were fans. It doesnt count.
    Woman#1: Anyway, that friend of yours…with the long dark hair…
    Woman#2: And the voice.
    Woman#1: And the voice, yes, the uh, what do they call her …”the Princess”.
    Woman #2: Well we were just discussing it and we couldn’t remember the name of that TV show she was on…
    Me: TV show?
    Woman#2: Yes, down in LA dear.(spoken in that mabye she’s not too bright or something tone)
    Me: Oh, in LA..(duh) Well I think right now she’s kinda sorting offers.
    Woman#1: Oh.(like everything suddenly makes sense) Well when she calls you next time tell her she should hold out for movies, thats where all the money is.
    Me: Thanks. Ill tell her that.
    Woman#1: Do you know when her next appearance is here(meaning the dunes) ?
    Me: A couple of weeks mabye, it all depends on her schedule. She’s coming up to choreograph a piece for a local benefit.
    Woman#2: Oh how sweet! Well let us know when shes booked here next.
    Me: I’ll do that.
    Just thought you should know how COOL and LA youve become.And remember: hold out for the movies, thats where the $ is. Ah, the wisdom.

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