I have the option of creating a subject: ” I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine…”


~ I’m taking a commercial workshop every thurs 7p-10p for 6 weeks (free – won it last august)

~ I’m taking a comedy workshop every sat 10a-1p for 6 weeks (free – won it last august)

~ I’m meeting with Natalie Janssen, a vocal coach out here who was at the last 2 showcases I was in. I really like her – so I’m sure this will be a cool thing.

~ My friend Robert John Macik, we call him Bobby – recently moved here from OHIO………drove his ass out here if you can believe that. But I have a new friend to play with yay and OH OH, I told him about LJ so if you have a code I can give him so he can start one up that would be FABU.

~ Last week he (bobby) was invited to a Launch Party for a company called New Life Entertainment for the independant film industry and record industry – and I was his plus one. Hi, there was a red carpet and all kinds of camera and flashes going off and people writing down name. GO BOBBY – he’s one of their new faces. We drank a lil bit and danced for like 4 hours. My feet were killing me, but I had a BLAST!

~ Still hate my job at Embassy Su-ites Arcadia. My boss goes in and out of being ok.

~ Jax, my social advisor, and I went to dinner at Upper Crust this weekend in full leopard print gear – we looked FAB and FUN and everyone looked all the time. hahahaaha, then it was to Blue for a couple drinks…..and the new favorite….is…”sweetpea” made with Vanilla Vodka, White Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Chambord (rasberry flavor). In one word “yum” in two words “yes please” 3 words “they are good” 4 words “can i have more?” in roomah talk “al;sdkfj ai a I LAH IT….”

~ Breakfast at Margies Diner was something to be remembered. Me, Daaaannnaa, Jax, Bright Eyes, Vicki and Kevin. Good times, good food, good people. These are the days I dont’ want to leave SLOville

~ Rehearsal for Sapphire moon started at 5pmish on Sunday night and didn’t finish til 8:15pm. …..and hour and 15 minutes longer, but I’m VERY pleased with everyone, we finished the number, and I do believe I was able to convey what I wanted and they were able to give me what I wanted. It just looks great, it’s moving, it’s emotional and spiritual and beautiful to see and I get chills. Very intense feeling and a great amount of commitment to staying focused and connected is required and these people just make me very happy and proud and I’m so thankful I got to be apart of it. It’s called “Deliver Me”

~ I successfully located a CD copy of the 2/22/04 John concert in Fresno, CA when I saw it FOR FREE BECAUSE ADAM FROM THE BAND I BROUGHT HOME KNEW THE TRUMPET PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!….anyways – I now have that concert for my collection.

I know some of you are wondering “so what was the disappearing act for, why no answering of the phones and bla bla bal” just know that I’m here now. Gonna be focued on a lot of projects now, so if I don’t answer or reply SOON, it’s because i really truly am busy and not just being lathargic. Thank you for understanding that I just needed some time. I really needed to kind of find out what I needed to do for ME to get through this recovery stage. Last year – you ALL know how horrible and hard it was. The recovery stage is a little easier but still intense for me, so please be patient while I continue to find a place for everything and everyone, and I promise it will all be over ….you know….soon.

John will be in California again in July
7/14 Marysville
7/16 Mountain View (sounds like a room at the Cliffs Resort…wait it IS hahahah)
7/17 Irvine
7/18 Chula Vista

I’ve told Adam…..and I shall be patient and hopeful and thankful. Of course I’m going to do everything in my power to go to ALL OF THEM, but you know – we’ll see. hahahahaahah

macaroni out.
jig a jig a jig

don’t take a caffeine tablet at 9pm, even if you think 175 miles can be far and hard to drive….staying awake til 3am or 4am and getting up at 7:30 is hard too. Just take an espresso shot or something. less miligrams. ok

I will be in town this saturday early evening. rookie we still playing? I know skarieokie has returned to it’s regular time now, and that will be fun as well. Roger Rabit thank you show at 2p on sat, and I will be at rehearsal by 5p in SLOville and done by approximately 6:06pm

and…..husband bought me So I married an axe murderer on DVD – I shall watch it this night. AFTER I GO TO THE GYM

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  1. can i just say…
    that i LOVE all my secret messages in your posts. love it love it love, just love it. as silly as it sounds, makes me feel *home*.
    and as far as your disappearing act and “it’ll all be over soon”, to that i say, “it’ll NEVER pass!”. life will continue to be the vicious circle (tricky….pandora) of kicking your ass and you turning right around and kicking it back. you’re just getting better at dealing with it, communicating (or not) through it and figuring it all out. and that’s what it’s all about ~ just like the hokey pokey.
    so proud of you. you amaze me in every way. you’re “unLIMited, unLIIIIMited”!
    sludge? oneders. this fridge is gross, ok?! paisan.

  2. > 7/18 Chula Vista
    Hey, that’s my home town! =)
    > rookie we still playing?
    You bet.

    • She said he wasn’t a friend
      She said he wasnt a friend and he became troubled. her tone demanded ” why the fuck are you calling me? “. he thought to himself, ” am i not a friend? here I am calling to welsome a visit and reminisce on wonderful times had in past and I am to be deemed not a friend? “. sure communication has been lacking that of something resembling a close relationship, but the girl was too far out of reach to promote such a wealth of reciprocity. too far beyond the bounds of a place that would have fostered the kind of social intercourse her resentment had now demanded an explanation as to why it hadnt transgressed. he had enjoyed the time they had spent together immensly as he was constantly reminded of her wonderful appreciation of the dinner he had prepared for her which had such a wonderful effect on his ability to kiss her so deeply upon their departing that night. so willingly he followed as did she, down a path of delight in each other that had him visiting her from afar on a whim, knowing she had the time to spare for his company that weekend. what a sheer delight it was for him to delight in the sheer preternatural beauty of sinfully delicious sex with her. he was brimming with passion underneathe his hands and above her skin that was so raw in its convection of phermonal exstacy as he devoured her flesh. was he not a friend for not trying to continue the extension of himself to her world, so far away even as his life grew more troubling and complicated on its own locale, so far away from what she required of him? even now as he cradles the phone to his ear, he is hearing her protests and trying to surmise from whence in the world he had done her wrong. now, as he tries to remerit the mainstay of her exotic beauty and the appreciation of her company she admonishes him for his sentiments. in a world of confusion he sat and thought, mainly of the memories that were so fresh in his mind, the wonderful rush of seritonal bliss in her domestic confines and passions he so richly satisfied his desires with, may be the only thing he will ever have from her. and so it may be as she said he wasnt a friend.

      • Re: She said he wasn’t a friend
        hi, who’s this? And the story is interesting. Is it actually ABOUT me, or is this just a comment you decided to add? Is this about a boy? do i know the boy? I dig the big words, it’s a challenge to my small vocab. But how ’bout don’t be so anonoymous next time. Put your name at the end – unless a part of you is scared or something. Whatever though – watch your mouth next time please….my mommie and younger brothers read this.

  3. No more LJ codes
    Hey there, got here from jax’s journal.
    I told him about LJ so if you have a code I can give him so he can start one up that would be FABU.
    LJ is code-free now, he should be able to just sign up and start his own journal, no hassle, no fuss :-).

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