Ok, I need BOXES STAT. I’ll be up in SLOville the weekend of the 17th and maybe the following weekend. It’s hard finding boxes around here that aren’t mangled or gross with trash embeded into them. BUT I”M LOOKING.

So if you come across any, keep ’em for me and I’ll come find you and take them to Blur bank with me. Thanks.

Moving Buddies wanted:
This is the thought too…..Daaaaannnnaaa has a friend with a moving truck that may or may not be available the weekend i need it. SO plan

A) Dana’s friend lets me borrow but I need someone to get it down here and maybe bring my brother with to help load stuff up too. Then drive it back so I can drive my car back too.

B) I drive down to pick up people sat 5/1/04 and back to burbank sat 5/1/04, rent a truck for 1 way and have either myself or one of the “able bodies with drivers license” drive the truck back and my car

C) i rent a truck for sunday for 1 way, someone come in their car with ANOTHER drivers license holder so we can all 3 of us get back.

does that make sense? any ideas? I know some of you have trucks…roger rabbit….BUT I have enough STUFF to furnish a 1 bedroom apartment. It’s not just boxes, i got dressers and shelves, and a futon, and a bed and SHOES and CLOTHES and boxes! and LORD, I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

All my stuff’s gonna be in storage for a while so I’ll try to get everything packed good and bla bla bla

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  1. at your disposal
    I wont be able to drive down till early sunday morning ( due to karaoke ) but I will come down an help and you can throw anything you want in the back of my truck 🙂

  2. I got some plus me
    *insert mafia accent here* You need boxes? I got boxes… You need help? While I am currently beyond help (ask anyone) I do not work on Saturdays… Find me a ride to LaLa Blurbank and I am all yours……
    hehehe…. The first one’s always free….. ;-p

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