5 shopping days, no gold rings please.

This is behind schedule, and I apologize if I missed someone, but let me know so I can write it down!

April Birthdays:
Chip (Eric Sorenson): 4/1
Rob Calhoun: 4/4
Skip Kelly (Star 98.7): 4/7
Jason Champeau: 4/10
Cate Norton (ES SLO): 4/15
Jenna Franz (ES SLO): 4/16
ME!: 4/17
Marina Furuta: 4/25
David Brewer: 4/27

The Entry:

By 10pm last night the apartment in which I currently reside had a familiar smell. And only one other time had this happened….My apartment smelled like the barn. I made Kaza’s Chicken Enchiladas for Easter Dinner (hahahah) for Me, Husband, and Bobby (from Ohio). It made me miss Kaza……of course what’s new, but you know how smells remind of you different people and different times in your life. And now moving back though it’s becoming easier (and husband is fine now, everything will be fine for him to move too)I guess what’s hard is I’ll have my family, my friends, but no Kaza.

So Kaza……..I miss you terribly everyday. I think of you practically every moment. And not a minute goes by where I don’t want to call you or text you with one of our “isms.” I’m so proud of you for trying so hard and diligently in New York, and perhaps maybe I am jealous too. Jealous of Wendy for getting to live with you, Nahnnah for getting to go play with you, and jealous I don’t get to go see all these shows with you. Perhaps a part of me will just continue to be heavy. Heavy in a sense that there is no tension between us, there are miles. There is no reason I can’t just call you, except I need to consider the time where you are. And there is no reason to get Coffee Heath bar ice cream if you’re not around to eat it with me. Just know that. It’s not a sad feeling, or bad, or anger or anything negative – it’s just like a part of my heart I don’t have, you are a big part of who I am, and where I am, like a handprint on my heart…..Because I know you, I have been changed for good.

Sorry if you’re crying now.

To Brief You:
And, now…..um……Bobby, Husband, and Jack 2004 and I went to Universal Studios on Sunday. WAY fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw Cold Creek Manor – dumb and NOT scary, all the good stuff was in the previews. Husband FORCED me to see Texas Chainsaw Masacre. …..STUPID. And I’m sorry if I ruin it for anyone, but I mean it lost it’s sense of reality when the guy didn’t have a face, like….no nose, just bone. come on! how was he breathing? So that was that. I’d give you my review, but time today does not allow me to do so.

I’m getting better with the comedy workshop, I think I finally understand what he’s saying and what he asks and stuff – so it’s more fun now. Learning ALOT from the commercial workshop and got to use some of the “tools” we talk about and work on, on a commercial audition on friday – so that was fun too.

Starting to look forward to coming home or a bit, but you know – I’ll go back and forth about it, just let me – it’s part of the process.

Must get to work. It’s already 1:30 ish and I’ve missed half my day training our New SMERF Manager…..that’s funny should the Director of SALES be doing that? hahahahah – yah and doing computer tech support for everyone today too. But WHATEVER. The new countdown, are days until I get to leave this place!!!!

Last day is 4/30/04, 14 (work)days.

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  1. let’s get something straight here…
    it is NEVER too late to call me. you need not “consider the time” because there is always time for you. always.
    secondly, you HAD to throw the “handprint on my heart” line in there, didn’t ya!? i was holding up until then!
    but mostly, thank you.
    thank you for making me feel like i make a difference in someone’s life ~ especially mahroomah’s. and thank you for making me feel like my absence doesn’t go unnoticed and that my place in your life isn’t easily replaceable.
    it’s easy to feel insignificant out here in this crazy city and you just reminded me of who i am and what i’m worth. *they* say that real friends are simply mirrors that reflect who we are. and that’s so true for us because i can turn that entire entry around and reflect it back to you so there ya go. true friends. and even better, always roommahs! ilahyah!
    FIVE DAYS!!!

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