Very serious.

The images remain very clear in my brain, and I’m sure this had everything to do with why I didn’t sleep well last night.

Ben and I were on our way home from Hudsons (with the cast of Angry Housewives)last night, like 12:20am ish and as we were driving I saw 2 figures waving their hands on the side of the road, looking for assistance. I hit my brakes but couldn’t slow down quick enough so I asked Ben if we should go back. Though it’s not something I normally do, or EVER have done, we exited Los Osos Valley Road and circled around to Madonna to see what was going on. When we got to the Madonna onramp there was a truck with his hazards on. He got out of his car and asked if I had a cel phone, I said yes and he said call 911, someone was hit and to follow him. So, wide-eyed and very nervous I called 911 and followed the truck.

On the phone with the dispatcher told him where we were and that I couldn’t see anything yet. Then we stopped just off the onramp and there was a younger guy on the side standing and we got out of the car and Ben stood next to the young kid. Later we found out he was 17. And the dispatcher wanted to know what I could see. So I walked over to this body lying down on the shoulder and stood right over him and told the dispatcher what I saw.

A guy, eyes closed, tongue was slightly out of his mouth….I don’t think he’s breathing. It looks like he’s missing his right hand, and there are gashes all along the right side of his body. There’s blood trailing from the middle of the highway to the shoulder where we are. The dispatcher asked if he’s awake, and I said I don’t know and I tried to talk to him. I didn’t touch him, I didn’t know what to do…..”Hello?”….”Can you hear me?” “Can you open your eyes?”…nothing….The dispatcher said the CHP and an ambulence is on it’s way and for us to stay put. So we did.

Cop cars started showing up, a firetruck and they put flares all along the side of the highway so block of the right lane. They didn’t talk to us right away, they were checking on the guy. His friend said his name was Logan and he was around 24. The police kept talking to the younger kid trying to ask what happened. He said they were walking and a car swerved and hit him and his shoes flew off and whatever he had been carrying, a drum?, a bag?, and he landed in the middle of the highway. And the younger guy went out to the highway to drag him to the shoulder and he started to flag down people after that. Then he got the truck to stop, then the truck went up to the on ramp – and that’s when Ben and I came around.

It had to have happened seriously MOMENTS before I saw them. No, the car that hit this Logan kid did not stop but it left car pieces everwhere.

I’ve never been so close to, well – to anything like that before. Ben and I drove home in silence, both a little shooken up and I don’t think either one of us slept well last night. The flash of standing over him continues to come to mind, it probably will for a while.

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  1. yikes…
    bad juju! Sorry baby that sucks! I hope the kid was okay!

  2. Your email made me cry.
    On March 19, so long ago, but so clear, my neighbors and dear friends Adam and Danielle and I were taking our “let’s really get in shape!” walk/jog. It was the same route D and I had taken almost every night for months. It was Adam’s second time coming with us.
    We were about a block from home when Adam and Danielle were hit by a drunk driver who’d swerved off the road. The police said that according to crime scene evidence, the driver was actually correcting himself when he hit them. Another second and he would have taken us all out.
    I saw Adam fly up and over the top of the car and D go falling/tripping in front of me. She was able to catch herself and just started screaming for Adam. When we went to his side, he wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t bleeding. I havenever been so scared. I turned to the driver who was standing there with his CELL PHONE and screamed at him to call 911. We turned back to Adam to try to get a pulse. Everything happened so slow, yet so fast. We got a pulse and he started bleeding from his head and screaming and trying to push us off him. We ripped off our t-shirts and wrapped his head. I’ve never seen so much blood in my life. I’ve never watched someone I care for fight for his life.
    The worse part is that it was a hit and run. The guy took off and never even called 911. Thank God for people like you, who stopped as we tried to flag people down and had cell phones to call for help.
    You’ll probably never get the image out of your head. But over time it’ll start to fade. Adam is going to be fine. 147 stitches and several broken bones later, he’s his normal self. The Police found the guy and he’s goes to trial in June.
    I hope the boy you helped will be fine.

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