Maaaannn, it is TOO early for this.

Riiiiiinnnnnggggggggg at 8:30am my mother called for Smurf. I’ve been awake since then. She got here at 10amish, to pick him up. I wandered out to the living room with a sleepy face, my interpretation of the conversation follows:

Mommie: good morning
Aiyani: hi, i’m tired
Aiy: I didnt’ get home til 4a, and the phone rang at 8:30am
Mom: ope, that was probably me, why not home til 4a
Aiy: I was out
M: Out?…til 4am
A: Yah, Ma, I was making out with a cute boy
M: what? …i don’t believe that
A: um….ok…(confused as to what was so unbelieveable)
M: I think I know you better than that
A: um….ok….(still confused)
M: Are you in a committed relationship with this boy?
A: Nope, just met him a few days ago
M: Well I’m SURE you would make a better decision than THAT
A: Than what…..mother.
M: I think I know my daughter, and i dont’ think she would just go around making out with boys til all hours of the night

(lets keep in mind, I have no secrets I keep from my mother, she knows everything I do, and have done)

A: Well, then I don’t know what to tell you except you’re in denial (starts to laugh)and your daughter is not your kind of perfect
M: Oh. COME ON AIYANI, you really expect me to belive my daughter makes THAT BAD of decsions…
A: bad decsions?
M: I don’t think my daughter is a Slut.
A: WOAH! I didnt’ say I was out having sex with this random guy and 5 other guys, I said I was kissing ONE boy -alot!!
M: Are you trying to hurt me with this??
A: MOTHER! Why are you making this about You????? This has nothing to do with you! You asked…why are you tired, I tell you and now I’m a slut
M: I didn’t say that
A: yah ok
M: I said I think my daughter makes better decisions—-
A: (shuts door on mothers face)

the choice phrase? “bye”

I mean I tell her straight out – as I often do, she doesn’t believe me and now I’m a “slut” oh the joys of being an imperfect daughter. hhmmmm…..

Brighteyes: this is the boy I told you about at the dunes on saturday….another J and another surfer – guess I just like ’em that way. But this one??? WAAAAAYYYY less drama. We’ll see what happens.

and Yes, he was a VERY good kisser. lol, Infact, pretty sure he’s taken the title away from someone else.

Have a great day.

Off to the gym.

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  1. yeah
    gotta lov the moms when they do that!!!!!

  2. Yay Natural Blue!
    Yay for new boy! He sounds perfect!
    You deserve him 🙂
    Where do you go to the gym?
    Are you going to karaoke tonight?

  3. Good Kisser Title. . .
    Did I ever hold this title? just wondering.

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