I need to do a lil venting.

I woke up at 6:22am yesterday, left by 7am and was on my way to La La Land by 7:30am with a Venti Mint Mocha with an extra shot. I had an audition for Verizon Wireless (enter EVERYONE saying “can you hear me now?…good”) I was there by 10:40, the audition lasted about 10 minutes max then I went to the Post Office to get a money order for my car payment and send it off before they take my car away, and I had a quick lunch with SweetPea….some of you will call him Tristain Nathaniel. Then I was on my way home by about 1pm. Rolled in by about 4p and ran around the 5 cities looking for a headband for my wig for Angry Housewives.

ONE headband….couldn’t find one. The apparently come in packs of 3-5 raning from 3-8 dollars. I JUST NEED ONE. Dollar Tree, Good will, Rite Aid, Marshalls, then Wally World (Wal Mart) had ONE…..96 cents. PERFECT. Get home to eat some stew my dadda made, and off to rehearsal.

We didn’t start till about 7/7:30pm and we ran the whole show. Sat and were getting notes and after I said I needed to talk to Jason about MY costumes. So he sits with me….it’s about 11:30 now…(LONG DAY, something I’m not used to) and then Sccip comes up and starts asking Jason about costumes….then Natalie…then Rory. Pretty soon, I’m listening to Rory go SCENE BY SCENE asking questions about his costumes. FOLKS, I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GIRL THAT I PLAY……RORY????? YOU’RE CHARACTER IS A “PERFECT” MAN AND ALWAYS WEARS SUITS …GOOOO!!!! So frustrated, having only been told to bring in my 3 tennis shoes that I have and that “Wendi” wears bright colors. I leave. I’m sitting in the middle of the costume conversation I Throw my crap in my purse and say Smurf we’re leaving. ok, *I* had questions, It was soooooooooo rude for people to TOTALLY interrupt me MID….SENTENCE. TOTALLY OVER IT. And hi, this play supposedly takes place in late 70’s early 80’s….I don’t have any 80’s clothes, or ideas about clothes, or MONEY to go to good will or whatever to BUY clothes. I wear size….BIG. I don’t know! I remember leg warmers and shoulderpads and big sweaters that hung off the shoulders. don’t have any of those, dont’ have the means to get them, or make them with what few clothes I have.

Hi, and STOP PLAYING ON THE DRUMS I find myself wanting to say. They are not mine they are my brothers which makes me VERY protective……they are BORROWED. Think of them as a PROP and don’t Friggin’ touch ’em. I don’t care if you ARE better than me, or you want to show me something, or you’re bored. I DON’T CARE – DON’T TOUCH THEM.

Hi, BOYS!!!! DO NOT JUST WALK INTO THE GIRLS DRESSING ROOM….WE…..ARE…….DREESSSSSIIIINNNNNNGGGG – Walking to the back of the girls dressing room could cause me to break your legs and blind you. Yes….I’m angry.

Hi, DO NOT ENTER FOR YOUR SCENE FROM THE HOUSE (where the audience sits) You won’t be there during the show, I ALSO will NOT come and get you for a scene we are in together, it is YOUR responsibility to pay attention and get your own ass in gear.

Hi, I WILL NOT BE MOVING the sets by my self. Even if it’s not your scene up NEXT…..if you just finished a scene – get rid of it. I have to change my costume too. We have to do what’s called “WORKING TOGETHER”

Hi, don’t start improving more than you use to; upstaging is STUPID

(big breath) ok. I think I’m done with that now. I need to eat, I’m STARVING, I need to finish my laundry. I need more sleep, I’m EXHAUSTED. I’m wearing myself out running all over the god forsaken town, back and forth to SLOville like 2 or 3 times a day. I’m low on money now…my last 2 checks lasted me 3 weeks, mostly gas money. All though! the job situation is looking brighter, sister said she’s going to stop working at Esteem and she knows I’ll be good at it. And I know the people there anyways, casual, part time. Sounds perfect. SO, at least things for THAT are looking up. So off I go now.

ps. Today the leprechaun (old boss in arcadia) is getting re-evaluated by corporate. LOL. Elle left for a better job, and she wouldn’t had been looking if it wasn’t for HER, and Twin will leave soon if they don’t pay her more, and the new girl that took over for me…is lost – I have to go train her…not next week, the week after. Not sure why, if there’s no sales team there’s not sales department. hahahahaha, I can’t help but laugh wickedly.

No one mourns the wicked.

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  1. Just reminding you 🙂
    I have crash space in SLO, a hot tub and an extra ear that works well for venting. If any of these sound good, anytime, UM, ANYTIME, just call 😉
    Love you and will see you soon I hope.
    Remember when people say “Break a leg”, well, sometimes its okay if its not yours but someone else’s…… ;-p *wicked grin and wink*
    So, hey, good luck with your show and “break a leg” 🙂

  2. Well…
    I mourn the wicked…otherwise no one would ever mourn me!!! *wicked grin!!!*
    Love you!

  3. Bleh. . .
    Where’s your stage manager? more than half of your griefs should be taken care of by them. Ack, look what working equity is doing to me!

  4. remember
    “wicked”-ness is in the eye of the beholder.
    you’re allowed all that nasty venting and those evil thoughts towards those who drive you to near insanity. it’s not called ‘hell week’ for nuttin’.
    remember to breathe and remember that i’m with you, like a handprint on your heart.

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