Yah, and read kaza’s journal. NO DEALS

Tonight the only power I had, the only weapon to fight against the evil was that it was “my” bar, and they are “my” friends. You know there are some people you are FINE with not seeing after you leave highschool. But if you do, you’re nice. Well…..I used to be nice – now I just roll my eyes and complain. I dont’ need anyone to be fake to me or act like they care by making small conversation – MY FEELINGS WILL NOT BE HURT. In fact I would’ve preferred they didn’t talk to me. Plus I know I looked frumpy. It was such a romy and michele moment. I really need to lose this weight if I’m going to feel confident about myself.

And a boy named Robert wrote his number on a dollar bill because he didn’t have any paper. He was nice….brighteyes: it was the one who’s hat I screwed up, because he messed with my hat – yah him. ANYWAYS: yah he was nice, but if *I* don’t feel attractive, I don’t think anyone else will *find* me attractive. So I just said ok, took it and gave him a small hug and said goodnight. He was drunk – pretty sure he won’t remember meeting me by tomorrow.

No word from mr. kissy till 4am last week, but he said he’d be out of town this weekend and for me to call him after sunday. We’ll see, I’ll call, but I’m not gonna go chasin’ him. huh-uh. no deals on the chasing. He’s super cute and we apparently get along fine – but I dont’ want to be the girl he calls when he wants to do a lil kissy kissy. I mean I still have a life, and SOME dignity left over from the la la land experience.

Today sister and I played in SLOville all day, then came home and dadda had BBQ’d for us kids. WAAAAAYYYY alot of food left over, but he said he wouldn’t be cooking for a couple days. Hi, there was chicken, tri tip, and pork, and “the rice” and salad, and really yummy veggies and mint n chip ice cream. Pretty much it was SO LONG to the “good eating habbits” for the day. oh well. I’m giving myself ONE day off a week to play. I’m going to try to get to the gym sunday-Fridays and eat REALLY REALLY good. I know I can do it, but encouragement is always good – so….you know….help with that.

I made my first “john trade” this week. John allows people to tape his concerts and we, the fans, trade them. I have only a few concerts. 5 of the 6 I’ve been to. And looking at some of the songs I don’t have it would just be better for me to get ahold of the shows than try to download them. SO I post a request for certain shows I’m looking for. And this one girl said she had one of them, and I looked at the rest of her list – and found 3 other shows I wanted. INCLUDING THE STAR LOUNGE PERFORMANCE DECEMBER 9, 2003 WHEN I HAD TO BE CALLER 98….AND I NEVER WON!!!!!!! So I will have it FOREVER and EVER. WAAAAAAYYYYY excited. I’m also getting one of his early acoustic performances when he was alone and in Georgia. It’s from 1999. I have a couple songs from that session I got from kazaa.com, but HELLO I will have the whole thing now. yay! And in return I’m sending her 3 of the shows I have. JOYOUS SOUNDS!!!!!!!

And I entirely forgot birthdays for May, and I’m sorry. The follow:
5/1 James Cheney
5/5 Husband
5/13 Ryan Carr
5/14 Adam (from the band I brought home)
5/15 My dadda!
5/16 Leah Anderson
5/21 J.P…..wasn’t that some guy who never called me back? Yah, he’s in burbank – i hate my life.
5/24 My cousins: Cara & Leah (yes they are twins, graduating H.S. this year!)
5/29 Sweet-V (Victor Lowrie)
5/30 Jayme

Have a happy and safe memorial day everyone and i’ll be seeing your around and about.

No, the subject title has nothing to do with the body of this journal. Rehearsal to…..day..at 10am. Must sleep. Thank you 1:38am

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  1. Funny but….
    After you left, Robert (Boy with messed up hat) was being told by his friend that you would never call him. I believe the words used were that you were much to cute to like him and he had no chance. He tried to argue that you took his number, to which his friend replied “Numbers mean nothing, she’s not gonna call!”. I really wanted to put my two cents in on the subject but I think I will save being mean to boys for another day, I wanted to go home anyway and if I had started to pick on him I would have been there all night.
    What is it with new people in our bar? Do they think its summertime or something??? Hello, Thank you I might be from the valley if…..
    ick. Thank goodness for at least ONE Sunday karaoke party with all of OUR friends. Yay Nahnnah in town June 26th.

  2. Hey, thanks for the Birthday remember! πŸ˜€ Right now I’ve got two paper cone birthday hats sitting on top o’me head, and a noisemaker to annoy everyone with and a BUNNY. The tag on the bunny says “I am safe for you as I am made from all new materials…” That’s a relief! Wouldn’t want a dangerous bunny on my hands!
    I read you journal all the time and think about you, I hope that you are doing well and thriving in old SLOtown. πŸ™‚

  3. i’ll dance with you, romy
    frumpy feeling or not, you are HOT and uhMAZEingly talented so deal with it. always room for improvement but learn to accept a compliment whether it’s in the form of kissy kissy or a # on a dolla’ bill.
    don’t you wish OUR # was still lip-yuck so we could still use the “if it’s important enough to you, you’ll remember it” line?
    and i’m right there with ya. NO DEALS on my journal. aaaahhhh new york.

  4. You’re beautiful. . . .
    Think about this, I’ve lost over 40 lbs since you met me, on the PCPA diet, and most girls still don’t talk to me. I’m closer to my ideal than I’ve been in like the last 4 years. And yet I haven’t made out with any girls after the bar since left(Right). Just accept it, you’re hot. And it would take a whole lot of effort on your part to not be hot anymore.

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