Vacation is over, Focus is beginning

I’ve successfully added up all that I *still* owe for bills in Burbank, WaMu (yah, they closed my negative account, but of course I still have to pay them back. I’ve known this)

I owe $1500, and some random change. This will payback WaMu, SBC, 21st Century (old car insurance) and Electricity bill. The gas bill from Burbank has yet to arrive, but that will only be like $50 to split.

Husband and I got our Deposit back, at about HALF what we expected, apparently we left the carpet in “poor” condition. MAN!!!! We scrubbed EVERY LITTLE wanna be stain out of there, but it didn’t matter because we still WALKED ON IT…..creating the illusion of poor condition. Oh well I guess. God’s trying to teach me something here. Haven’t quite figured it out yet – but I’m not one of his favorites so I have to wait my turn. It’s like I don’t have the Fast pass you know, for questioning.

I didn’t get to the gym today – I figured after 7 hours of rehearsal and dancing around to the song I’m supposed to sing while out of breath OVER AND OVER will have to suffice. Tomorrow will be a different story – wait….are they closed? No, I dont’ think so – not sure what their hours ARE, but I’ll find out!!!!

I still need to do my taxes. I KNOW I KNOW, I can’t believe I didnt’ do them either. This is the FIRST year I TOTALLY lagged. AAAANNNNNDDD, I will sooooo totally owe, because for like 5 or 6 months working in La La Land was “contracted work” so I filled out a W-9 form, which means “hello state and federal tax people, this work place is paying me without removing taxes, please look and see how much money I earned and tell me how much I’m supposed to send you to catch up” This will only FURTHER put me in my hole- but I guess a year of mistakes will take the same amount if not longer to make all better. (insert “i hate my life” here.)

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  1. Okay, I’ll stay 🙂
    For now. hehe.
    I had to file taxes as a private contractor a few years ago, plus real jobs, it was a pain but if you want help, I’m just working on random stuff tomorrow, so call me. Maybe we can even go to the gym afterwards, that would rock, I need to get my gym stuff going again.
    This is your reminder to call Mentor about a room for July. 🙂
    See, I remembered to remind you ;-p
    Gonna go soak in the hot tub, talk to you tomorrow.

  2. well….if you say so
    I’m not going anywhere for a long long time…..and dont know anything about taxes…I have to have mine done by tax experts…and I still had to pay 1183 dollars…sheesh!

  3. Yeah….
    But I will be back for Halloween!!!!!!! I know about the grudge, I hold them too….well, sometimes….but I love you and glad you are “focusing”….at least one of us has to! Besides Bright Eyes…

  4. taxes
    well the tax thing…I THINK a person has an option to file yearly or perhpas every 3 years (all at once) so if you saved your taxes for 2 more years, make sure you claim 0, maybe you will at least break even, but not real sure about that, just a thought.

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