Welcome to June 2004. Maaaannnn that was fast

Before I forget….the JUNE Birthdays I have:
6/2 Plantboy, Jenny Shaheen, and Kim Atkins
6/4 Greg Sellars
6/5 Terry; Dadda’s wife
6/6 Kevin Devaney (kaza’s brother in law)
6/8 Soulsistah Terri
6/12 My mother
6/17 Big Brother Cory, CeCe Devaney
6/18 My auntie Midori
6/28 BrightEyes!!!, and Denai Vine

Other wonderful days:
6/26 Nahnnah comes to play!!!!!
6/24 – 6/28 Elle from my old work is coming in to town with her family to play!

Random time I’ll be spending:
6/6 – 6/9 In Arcadia training the girl who replaced me…..a month after I left, they have no sales manager and soon the will have no director of sales i bet!!!, so why is she there??? WHATEVER

Husband is mad at me, I believe. Don’t know if I crossed any lines, a part of me doesn’t care. Here’s what happened:
I emailed him that I would send his half of the rent deposit. with the email i said I got the last bills from Burbank and stated the totals and that I needed his half asap because they were still under my name and it affects my already crappy credit. And then I copied his mom on it. (lol) I have to, then he calls me and he’s mad and wondering why I told him so she would know it was coming addressed to her and the money order would be pay to the order of her – as he had requested. He just asked again ….I still just don’t know why you needed to send it to her. I asked him if he was mad and he just told me he didn’t understand. So i said well, I can’t take it back, I dont’ know what to tell you. And he said that was all he called for – I knew it would be – so i said oh! okay i’ll talk to you later – as chipper as possible and hung up. Maybe that was wrong maybe not, but I kind of don’t care.

My mom was able to piss me off again today. I actually don’t want to talk about it. But she’s 3 for 3 now in making me mad or saying the TOTALLY wrong thing.

We open in 2 days, I have about 75% of my costumes. I have to take in a pair of pants and some shoes and we’re still working on what “wendi” (my character) actually wears at work. I always thought she’d be in really comfy clothes, but alas it looks like she sports a suit. The quick changes are made to be more interesting this way. Kaza the character ‘bev’ wears ALL pink….thank you charity.

I had an interesting conversation via America Online Instant Messaging Services last night – well tonight, nay this morning. It’s 2am. It was good, and interesting, and I laughed and I had a couple moments. Plantboy………. still belongs in his own category of people in my life. I think he likes it that way, and I can’t say I want to move him to a different group. I do believe he shall stay put. I learned a couple things I didnt’ know, which only further place him in his own category, and he surprised me too. It was nicer than “interesting”, and I mean that as perfect and wonderful as i can make it.

I do believe I shall call it a night.

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