Note to Self

I don’t have time to write what’s on my mind. BUT in order to remember, I am making a note to self entry.

1. Sapphire Moon
2. Conversations/the heart to heart
3. newbies versus oldies and or psuedos
4. The thing I call my body
5. Now that it will be July what of the “accomplishements” or lack there of
6. jobs and that stuff called money
7. anyone ELSE want to “be apart of it?”
8. my mom

I think that’s about all that’s going on in my brain right now. Seems like alot – it probably will be once I type it all out. Maybe i’ll turn them into a few so as to not lose your interest. Then again, the sooner I get it out, the sooner I can just let it be. And if you dont’ feel like reading it, quite frankly you don’t have to right? wondiferous.

Seanah made it here safely, and her camera is missing. NO DEALS. It sure as HELL better turn up soon. What kind of a world do we live in where we don’t feel our stuff is safe in our best friends homes? or families homes? Get with the program.

ps. PB – saved the song on my phone, HYESTERICAL laughing. Thank you Beach Boys.

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